Banner Ad Design

The majority of our Managed Services clients have their own creative or design teams, thus they have the resources to produce their set of Banner Ads for their campaign.

However, other Managed Services clients without creative resources need banner ad design services, as such we thought we’d compile two lists; the first being Banner ad design suggestions as well as resources where you can get them created. Some of the resources a design services while others are do it yourself platforms.


Banner Ad Design Suggestions

1. Refer to our Ad Specs.
Please remember to design them with our Ad Specs in mind. We do accept static banners as well as HTML5.

2. Create the main IAB Ad Sizes
Design the main IAB Ad Sizes, we recommend 300×250, 300×600, 970×250, 728×90, 160×600, 336×280 and 320×50.

3. Clear and Concise Messaging
Use Clear and Concise Messaging which is straight to the point.

4. Company Logo
Make sure you include your company logo

5. Strong Call to Action
Strong Call to Action – See our Call to Action Examples List for ideas.

6. Strong Fonts
Use San Serif family of Fonts (or similar) to make text instantly readable. Avoid cursive/script fonts which are hard to quickly read

7. Animation
Animated Banner Ads tend to out-perform static banner ads. Keep to a maximum of 30 seconds of animation.

8. Use Buttons
Whilst Buttons are not essential, people have been “programmed” to click on buttons, as such they highly encouraged.

9. Adhere to File Size
Make sure you keep file size to under 100k.

10. Write a Banner Ad Design Brief
Irrespective of using a DYI product or a Service, we highly encourage to create your own banner ad design brief. Then you or your designer can follow it and you are more likley to get the expected outcome.

11. Look at Banner Ad Examples
Look at both your competitors and other banner ad examples. Check out which has a free search engine of banners from right around the world. Copy them or reference them in your Creative Banner Ad Design Brief.

12. Create at least 2 Sets of Banner Ads.
Don’t just create a single set of Banner Ads, create 2 or even 3 sets of Banners Ads allowing you to A/B test the creatives and conversions.

Banner Ad Design Options

We don’t have commercial relations with any of the companies mentioned below, but we do have worked with Bannersnack and Upwork in the past for creating our own house ads. These companies are really for quick turn arounds when Banner Ads are urgently needed. They obviously don’t include hiring a graphic designer or creative design team.

1. Bannersnack

A DYI tool that allows you to create your own banners in minutes. Bannersnack only does Banner Ads. They have monthly plans for individuals, teams and enterprises which allow you to create various banners, both static and HTML5 animation.

2. Upwork

Upwork is a large community of freelancers to create your Banner Ads. Simply create the “job” include your Banner Design brief. Turn around can be as quick as a few days. You can also “invite” freelancers who you like to apply for the job.

3. Canva

Another DIY Banner Ads are one of Canva’s many design features. They have a number of Banner Templates that you use.

4. 99Designs

99Design is a little bit different, once you create your design project, you effectively run a “competition” and dozens of freelancers submit rough design ideas / concepts. You choose a winner and then work with them to finalize your design.

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