Gourmet Ads’ Global Ad Operations team has a vast array of Targeting options available in our Ad Server and Primary DSP to ensure campaign performance and success. Add to this we also have a wide range of Audience Segments available as well as the ability to create custom segments for you. But it can be a little bit overwhelming to understand what can and can’t be done. Sometimes its easier for us to jump on call to understand the audiences you are trying to reach.

Alcohol Targeting

Our Alcohol Targeting allows advertisers to build an advertising campaign targeting based on a particular Alcoholic Beverage, category of Alcoholic Beverages, Beers, Wines or Spirits. This is ideal for Alcohol Brands, Wineries, Distillers or Breweries that work within a category or various beverage categories.

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Gourmet Ads offers advertisers and agencies a wide range of Audience Targeting options. Mostly based off contextual relevance and web browsing history to categorize users.

Learn more about our Audience Targeting and our Data Taxonomy.

Audience Targeting
Behavioral Targeting

Behavioral Targeting is an online targeting technique that uses information collected about an individual’s web-browsing history, such as the pages they have visited or the searches they have made, to select which advertisements to display.

Learn more about Behavioral Targeting and how we can find your audience online.

Our Beverage Targeting allows advertisers and their advertising agencies to build an advertising campaign targeting based on a Beverage or category of Beverages. This is ideal for Beverage brands looking to run campaigns advertising their products.

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Beverage Targeting
Campaign Targeting

Every Campaign is different, as is the Campaign Targeting options applied in the ad server. Gourmet Ads offers a range of industry standard advertising Campaign Targeting options which can be used standalone or in conjunction with other targeting solutions to maximize campaign performance and overall ROI.

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Contextual Targeting (sometimes referred to as Contextual Advertising) is where an advertiser runs an advertising campaign only targeting pages of content which is contextual relevant to the product they are advertising.

“Placing a relevant ad in front of the right person at the right time is the goal of Contextual Targeting”

Contextual Targeting
Cuisine Targeting

Our Cuisine Targeting Solution allows advertisers to build an advertising campaign around a specific cuisine. This is ideal for food brands that work within a cuisine. For example, a Thai Curry brand can easily advertise across Thai Cuisine running on all Thai Recipes and related content.

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Gourmet Ads uses a combination of internal sources and declared Third Party Data sources to accurately target advertising campaigns to your target audience.

Learn more about the Demographic Targeting options available across Age, Gender, Household Income and Parental Status.

Demographic Targeting
Diet Targeting

Our Diet Targeting allow advertisers to Target, Engage & Influence Dieters In-Market. Our Diet Targeting includes Keto Diet, Paleo Diet & Vegan to name a few. Each Diet is unique and we offer the ability to target it specifically. This is ideal for Food Brands that are advertising a Diet product focused on a particular diet ie Atkins.

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Our Food Delivery Targeting offers the ability to advertise on pages next to Food Delivery Content together over 100 Food Delivery Services from around the world. We can also combine Food Delivery Targeting this with our extensive Recipe Targeting and Cuisine Targeting options to go deep into different types of food delivery.

Food Delivery Targeting

Gourmet Ads’ GeoTargeting works by reverse-IP lookup against a third-party database of geo locations to IP addresses provided within our ad server, Appnexus. Our GeoTargeting refreshes it’s geolocation data on a weekly basis from Digital Envoy.

Learn more about GeoTargeting Countries, States, Major Cities & DMAs right down to Zip Codes / Post Codes.

Our Grocery Delivery Targeting offers the ability to advertise on pages next to Grocery Delivery Content together over 100 Grocery Delivery Services from around the world. We can also combine Grocery Delivery Targeting this with our  Recipe Targeting, Ingredient Targeting and Cuisine Targeting options.

Grocery Delivery Targeting
IAB Categories Food & Drink

Leveraging standard IAB Content Taxonomy, we offer the ability to target IAB categories and subcategories for campaigns. We typically use the IAB8 Food & Drink Category and all of the subcategories but we can leverage off any IAB Category across the IAB Content Taxonomy.

Gourmet Ads has hundreds of ready to go Ingredient Targeting options available. Ingredient Targeting can be used in various ways, for example you can use them group together for example if you wanted to target meats, we could target lamb recipes, beef recipes, steak recipes, pork recipes and goat recipes together.

Ingredient Targeting
Kitchen Appliances Targeting

Our Kitchen Appliance Targeting options allow advertisers to target via a specific Kitchen Appliance. We offer a range of Kitchen Appliance Targeting including Instant Pot, KitchenAid, Crockpot and Sous Vide to name a few. Browse our range of Kitchen Appliances available for Targeting

Our Kitchen Targeting solutions span the entire kitchen spectrum, from Crockery, Cutlery, Chef Knives and Food Storage Targeting through to Kitchen Appliances, ensuring advertisers can connect with highly relevant audiences across all areas of kitchen interest.

Kitchen Targeting
Language Targeting

Gourmet Ads offers two strategies for language targeting: Users’ Browser Language Targeting, which is based on the language set in the user’s browser, and Page Content Language Targeting, which targets users according to the language of the content they’re viewing.

Latitude and Longitude Targeting is sometimes referred to as Geo Radius Targeting and allows the advertiser to exactly define the geographical area they want to reach. Latitude and Longitude Targeting is considered a sub targeting category of GeoTargeting.

Latitude and Longitude Targeting
Non Endemic Targeting

We recognize the overlap between food and non-food audiences. Using our food-focused contextual engine, we’ve developed numerous Non Endemic Targeting options, for both managed services and programmatic advertising campaigns.

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We are the global leader in Recipe Targeting. Food Brands can build an advertising campaign around recipe content including Steak Recipes, Pasta Recipes and Cheese Recipes to name a few. For example, a Chicken Brand can advertise across all Chicken Recipes, making it highly relevant and contributing to campaign success.

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Recipe Targeting

Retargeting is a targeting technique used by advertisers that describes the process of recapturing visitor attention with the goal of driving sales or leads. Retargeting ideas & Remarketing ideas are two effective tactics used by digital marketers to persuade potential buyers to return to their website and, as a result, improve conversions. On the other hand, prospecting focuses on new audiences that haven’t engaged with a brand before. Prospecting is to spread brand awareness and promote a brand to new markets.

Learn more about Retargeting vs prospecting differences and how we can find your audience online.

Our Universal Pixel allows Managed Services Advertisers to setup a single pixel that runs right across their website. The Universal Pixel is powered by a Javascript library that needs to be added to every page of your site in order to track page views.

Learn more about our Universal Pixel and targeting your audience online.

Universal Pixel
URL Targeting

As an advertiser, have you ever wanted to target just a few key pages on a website and not advertise across an entire website? Gourmet Ads offers URL Targeting up to 1 Million URLs per “Target”.

Learn more about URL Targeting and how we can find your audience online.

Food Targeting Categories

Since 2008, Gourmet Ads has been the global leader in food-focused advertising, specializing in Contextual Targeting. Discover a wide range of Food Targeting Categories for your next advertising campaign or programmatic deals, including Alcohol, Beverage, Cuisine, Diet, Ingredient, Kitchen Appliances, Non-Endemic, Publisher, and Recipe Targeting. We ensure your brand resonates with an engaged, culinary-inclined audience, transforming advertising campaigns into deliciously successful endeavors. Experience Gourmet Ads—where your message meets the appetite of your desired market.

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