What is Contextual Targeting?

Contextual Targeting (sometimes referred to as Contextual Advertising) is where an advertiser runs an advertising campaign only targeting pages of content which is contextual relevant to the product they are advertising. An example could be running advertising for BBQ Products alongside different types of BBQ Content.

“Placing a relevant ad in front of the right person at the right time is the goal of Contextual Targeting”

Contextual Targeting

Recent advances with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning allow us to surface data sets into Deals in real-time. Using this strategy, we can then layer on Contextual Targeting parameters to ensure the campaign is always on topic.

Keyword Contextual Targeting

Most Contextual Targeting Tools are built around keywords, phrases or a series of keywords. The use or inclusion of broader type keywords will depend on the scale of the audience which is targetable. For example, if you were advertising a Pasta Cookbook, then “Italian Recipes” would be considered too broad, whereas targeting a keyword like “Pasta Shapes” or “Pasta Sauces” would target a highly relevant audience. Keywords can be used in a positive or negative way. Create your own contextual targeting segment by providing the Gourmet Ads team your keywords that define the pages where you want your ad to appear.

Contextual Targeting & First Party Data Audiences

We use a number of techniques to ensure campaigns are contextually relevant. Primarily we use standard contextual targeting i.e. on page. However, a great secondary technique is to include audiences that have previously viewed contextual relevant content. So, whilst they are not currently on a page that’s contextually relevant they have been in the past. We can layer in the number of days since they looked at content ie only show ads to people in the last 7 days that have looked at relevant content. We highly recommend advertisers use a combination of both contextual advertising techniques as they give the advertiser maximum scale available.

Contextual Targeting for Programmatic Deals & Direct IOs

Gourmet Ads is programmatic first company, so all solutions we offer are naturally executed programmatically via Preferred Auctions / Deal IDs / Private Marketplaces across our directly managed inventory. However, we also offer these solutions for Direct Insert Orders. One of the advantages of using direct, is our ability to run Contextual Advertising both across our inventory and via other inventory pools via Reach Extension, giving significant scale for your campaigns.

Contextual Advertising across all Media Types

Gourmet Ads offers our Contextual Targeting options across all Media Types, so no matter if you’re running a Display, Mobile, Video or Native campaign you’ll be able to use our technology to reach your target audience. In regards to video, we can only target contextually to the content on the page and not the content within the video.

GDPR & Contextual Targeting

Thanks to GDPR, (the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation) campaign targeting has moved from consent to context. This is very much due to consent being required to form the basis of targeting i.e. having a cookie with consent that revolves around interest. Contextual Targeting is very much a cookie-less technology and as such complies with GDPR.

Turnkey Contextual Targeting Options

Whilst we have hundreds of ready to go Contextual Targeting Options in the Ad Server, we also have the ability to create new targeting options and go live the same day. Simply provide the Gourmet Ads team your relevant keywords that define the pages where you want your ad to appear and we’ll build it out same day / next day.

Category Contextual Targeting

In addition to Keyword Contextual Targeting, we can use Category Contextual Targeting built out from standard IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau) Content Category Taxonomy of which there are approx. 400 Categories. We can use any of these or a combination of them. We’ve listed out the 45 of the Food Categories which are listed below.

IAB Value

IAB Category Name


Food & Drink


American Cuisine


Barbecues & Grilling




Chinese Cuisine








Desserts & Baking


Dining Out


Food Allergies


French Cuisine


Health/Lowfat Cooking


Italian Cuisine


Japanese Cuisine


Mexican Cuisine







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