Learn about our Managed Supply & Curated Supply

Gourmet Ads manages two distinct supply sources for Programmatic Advertisers.

Managed Supply 
The first is our Managed Supply which we’ve offered to Advertisers since 2008. These are publishers that are integrated with either our Publishers Page Tag or Via our Prebid.org Header integration.

Curated Supply
The second is our Curated Supply which we manage via The Media Grid. These are typically larger publishers we have direct relationships with but we work with them only programmatically. They have added our ads.txt and we execute via their SSPs. We can only trade Curated Supply via Deals, see Curated Deals here.

Compare Our Managed Supply & Curated Supply

Managed Supply

Curated Supply

Buyer’s DSP

Any major DSP integrated with Xandr


Xandr (Appnexus)

The Media Grid / IPONWEB


Open Exchange + Deals

PMP / Deals only

Media Formats

Display, Video & Native

Display & Video


All our Managed Publishers running our Page Tag or Prebid.org Integration

Publishers who have added our ads.txt to their site + our Managed Publishers


Guaranteed Delivery

Highly Scalable, ideal for chasing First Party Cookies

Targeting Options

All of our Targeting Options

IAB Site Category Targeting

Audience Segments

Domain Targeting

URL Targeting


70% Viewability for Display & Video

70% Viewability for Display Only

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