300×250 / MREC / Medium Rectangle

The 300×250 Ad Unit is considered the workhouse of all the IAB Ad Units, and is widely requested by most advertisers as the strongest performing ad unit, thus creating high demand by advertisers across Gourmet Ads. The 300×250 is available across all devices Desktop, Tablet and Mobile and is often known as the MREC, MPU, Media Rectangle or Island Ad unit. Nearly every site across Gourmet Ads are enabled to run the 300×250 ad unit. Some Native Advertising Examples highlight how 300 x 250 can be used in ads. By following these Native Ad Specs, you can ensure that your Native Ad is effective and successful.

Features of the 300×250 ;

  • Strongest Performing Ad unit in terms of Viewability & Click Through Rate
  • High demand from advertisers because banner ad design is easy in this ad unit
  • HTML5 compatibility: The 300×250 ad can include interactive elements or animations. Built using HTML5 to ensure it is compatible with a wide range of devices and browsers, making it ideal for all types of rich media.
  • Widely used by Publishers across all devices
  • Can be run as an Expandable Unit or Standard Unit
  • Mobile-friendly design: The 300×250 is optimized for display on mobile devices
  • Fast loading time: The 300×250 ad typically loads quickly, as it should have a small file size ~ 100kb max.
  • File format: The ad should be saved in a file format that is compatible with the platform it is being displayed on. For example, 300×250 Ad Creatives are often saved in GIF, JPEG, or PNG formats.
  • Ideal for in-unit video placement (see below)
  • Approved IAB Ad Unit

The 300×250 Ad Creative & Video 

It is possible to include video in a 300×250 ad creative. There are several ways to do this, depending on the platform the ad is being displayed on and the specific requirements of the ad.

One option is to use an animated GIF that includes a video clip. GIFs are image files that can include a series of frames that play back as a looping animation. By creating a GIF that includes a video clip, you can create the appearance of a video within the 300×250 ad creative. Our specs require the animation to cease after 30 seconds duration.

Another option is to use HTML5 to create an interactive ad with a video player. HTML5 is a markup language that allows for creating interactive content that can be displayed on a wide range of devices and browsers. By creating an HTML5 ad that includes a video player, you can allow viewers to play a video within the ad creative.

Don’t have a 300×250 Ad Creative?

Gourmet Ads can take your existing creative assets and develop 300×250 ad units for your campaign using your brand standards quickly and cost-effectively. Before implementing programmatic advertising into your marketing strategy consider programmatic advertising pros and cons as it is a particular approach to publishing ads.

Need Creative Specifications for a 300×250 ad unit?

See our Advertising Specifications

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