Reach Grocery Buyers
& Household Cooks

Gourmet Ads is a Shopper Marketing & Food Advertising platform for Supermarkets, Grocery Stores, Food Companies, CPG Companies, FMCG & Beverage Brands to reach a highly engaged audiences of Grocery Buyers & Household Cooks online.

We directly manage thousands of quality food, recipe and cooking related websites, providing Advertisers and their Advertising Agencies both Managed Services & Programmatic Advertising solutions for campaigns.


Our Audience

Gourmet Ads offers advertisers the ability to reach a largely female audience of Moms, Primary Grocery Buyers, Household Cooks and Decision Makers. They are busy, they are family orientated and they enjoy creating new dishes and frequently search the internet for new recipe ideas.

Below are some of the attributes of our unique audience

Our Reach


Gourmet Ads works with every type of Food, Supermarket, Beverage, Kitchen brands to reach highly engaged consumers, online at scale. We also work with many non-endemic advertisers to reach our food focused audience. Every branding campaign is different, with different target audiences and different goals.

So, no matter if you’re working on a Programmatic basis or prefer to book a Guaranteed order via our Managed Services we’ll ensure your campaign is laser focused on your target audience.

Target Grocery
Starbucks Coffee
Nestle Foods
Barilla Pasta
MARS Foods
Kraft Heinz
General Mills
Hello Fresh
Unilever Food Solutions

Gourmet Ads offers a wide range of First Party Data Segments ideal for your Food, Supermarket, Beverage or Kitchen campaigns. Our Data Segments can be used to power Private Marketplace (PMPs) / Deal IDs across Gourmet Ads inventory or used Uncoupled in your DSP.

First Party Data Segments

Integrated Demand Side Platforms (DSPs)

For programmatic enabled Brands with In-house Trading Teams, Agency Trading Desks, Retargeters or Independent Traders, Gourmet Ads is built upon Appnexus / Xandr tech stack and fully integrated programmatically with the following Demand Side Platforms enabling streamlined, transparent connections between advertisers and consumers.

Xandr AT&T DSP
DataXu DSP
Adform DSP & SSP
Doubleclick Bid Manager
The Trade Desk DSP
MediaMath DSP
BidSwitch - Powered by IPONWEB
Choozle Self Service DSP
Delta Projects
Amazon DSP / Amazon Advertising
Adobe Marketing Cloud
BrightRoll DSP by Yahoo
Beeswax DSP
Amobee DSP
DV360 & Google Display & Video DSP
Verizon Media DSP Oath Ad Platforms Yahoo
Basis by Centro

Gourmet Ads is the global leader in Food Advertising Solutions. Since 2008 we’ve worked closely with all types of Food Advertisers and their Advertising Agencies, from global food companies which market hundreds of brands, through to traditional / smaller and regional food companies. We run all types of Food Advertisements.

Food Advertising

Gourmet Ads takes a Programmatic First Approach in all things we do.
Below are few of the Programmatic Advertising Solutions we offer.

Smart Deals

Smart Deals are a type of Programmatic Deal that is built and optimized in real-time using Data Science & Machine Learning within our Ad Server, using client KPIs.

Private Marketplace Deals

Private Marketplace Deals are Programmatic Auctions that give the buyer priority in the Ad Server or SSP on a Semi-Reserved basis with agreed on pricing.

Managed Services

Our Programmatic Managed Services team have both the Strategic and Tactical experience, as well as the global footprint of ad operations to ensure success.


For Advertisers that prioritize Viewability, our two Viewability solutions are both run by Private Marketplace Deals with MRC or GroupM Viewability Standards.

Desktop Advertising

With unlimited Display formats available, reach Grocery Buyers & Household Cooks across Laptop & Desktops. Take advantage of Data Targeting and High Impact placements.

Mobile Advertising

Reach Consumers on Mobile devices wherever they are. With Creative Mobile executions like Interstitials, Interscrollers, Mobile Outstream and Adhesions, we have a mobile solutions to reach your target audience.

Video Advertising

Video should be part of every brand’s digital advertising plan. With video formats like Outstream or PreRoll, you’ll make an impression every time with the right audience.

Native Advertising

Target consumers within the content they reading by leveraging a Native Advertising Strategy. Native Creative units seamlessly integrated into the natural look and feel of the webpages in which it is placed.

Audio Advertising

Target consumers via Audio Advertising within the content they are consuming such as Podcasts, Radio Stations and Music Streaming Services with 15, 30 and 60 second audio files.


Let’s Get Started ! 

Let the Gourmet Ads team walk you through all the options available to ensure that your Food, Supermarket, Beverage or Kitchen campaign has the best possible combination of Premium Guaranteed Inventory, First Party Data and Programmatic elements.