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Programmatic Guaranteed

Gourmet Ads offers buyers the ability lock-in Programmatic Guaranteed on a “One to One” basis with Higher Priority than regular PMPs, Deals or Deal IDs.

What is Programmatic Guaranteed ?

Programmatic Guaranteed (sometimes referred to as Programmatic Direct, Automated Guaranteed or Programmatic Reserved) brings together a typical Direct Insert Order Media Buy and Programmatic Buying. Programmatic Advertisers and their Ad Agencies benefit from access to premium guaranteed inventory (as they do with traditional Insert Orders).

Programmatic Guaranteed Definition
Programmatic Guaranteed Reserved

Every Programmatic Guaranteed deal is different, but typically Programmatic Guaranteed allows buyers to lock in any or all of the following;

  • CPM Rate (Fixed or Dynamic)

  • Fixed No. of Impressions

  • Targeting Inventory

  • Daily / Weekly / Month Pacing

To learn more about Programmatic Guaranteed or lock in a Deal then contact us.

Integrated Demand Side Platform Companies (DSPs)

For programmatic enabled Brands with In-house Trading Teams, Agency Trading Desks, Advertising Agencies, Retargeters or Independent Trading Desk, Gourmet Ads is built upon the Xandr tech stack and fully integrated Programmatically with the following Demand Side Platform Companies (DSP) enabling streamlined, transparent connections between Advertisers through to end-user Consumers.

Xandr DSP / Xandr Invest / Part of AT&T and WarnerMedia
Roku OneView / Roku Advertising Platform / Roku DSP
Appnexus DSP
Adform DSP
Hawk DSP By Tabmo
Doubleclick Bid Manager
The Trade Desk DSP / TTD DSP / The Trade Desk Deals
Adelphic DSP / Adelphic Demand Side Platform by Viant
BidSwitch DSP by IPONWEB
Choozle Self Service DSP
Bidtellect DSP / Bidtellect Demand Side Platform
Delta Projects DSP
DataXu DSP
Amazon DSP / Amazon Advertising
Adobe Marketing Cloud
StackAdapt DSP / Stack Adapt Demand Side Platform
Beeswax DSP
Quantcast DSP
Bidtheatre DSP
Amobee DSP
DV360 / Google Display & Video DSP
Verizon Media DSP Oath Ad Platforms Yahoo
AdRoll Retargeting
Basis DSP by Centro
BrightRoll DSP by Yahoo

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