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Gourmet Ads is the global leader in Food Advertising Solutions. Since 2008 we’ve worked closely with all types of Food  Advertisers and their advertising agencies, from global food companies which market hundreds of brands, through to traditional / smaller and regional food companies. Depending on the type of Food Advertiser, our approach will be very different. For example a large multi national food brands tend to run national campaigns highly focused on brand lift and engagement. Whereas regional food companies through to smaller / local companies which will focus on results-oriented direct response campaigns which are highly geotargeted. The Gourmet Ads platform caters for both.

Below are some of the Food Advertisers we’ve run programmatically over the last 30 Days.

General Mills
Unilever Food Solutions
Barilla Pasta
Kraft Heinz

Since 2008, Gourmet Ads has run hundreds of Supermarket Advertising campaigns aimed at reaching the household grocery buyer online. In that time, we’ve worked with some of the world’s largest Supermarket Advertisers running Branding Campaigns or Campaigns targeted to Supermarket Loyalty Program Members.

Below are some of the Supermarket Advertisers we’ve run programmatically over the last 30 Days.

Coles Supermarkets
Target Grocery
Wholefood Market
Amazon Fresh
IGA - Independent Grocers of Australia

Gourmet Ads works closely with our sister company, Healthy Ads to deliver a range of Healthy Advertisers. Starting with healthy meal delivery services and diet plans programs, dominate our Healthy Advertisers with year-round advertising campaigns targeting customer acquisition. Apart from delivery and programs, we also have many Healthy Advertisers who run campaigns for their products with can be found in grocery stores and healthy food stores as part of your weekly shopping. Every healthy branding campaign is different, with different target audiences and different goals.

Below are some of the Healthy Advertisers we’ve run programmatically over the last 30 Days.

South Beach Diet
Mead Johnson Nutrition
Jenny Craig
Weight Watchers
Lite n Easy
Hello Fresh
The Honest Company

Gourmet Ads is the global leader in Recipe Advertising Solutions. Since 2008 we’ve worked closely with all types of Food Brands and their Advertising Agencies to deliver their advertising messages directly next to recipes. We’ve strived to deliver contextual targeting solutions to not only advertise next to a recipe, but we ensure you’ll advertise next to a relevant recipe. For example, a Chicken brand can advertise next to a Chicken Recipe.

When it comes to Recipe Advertising, Food and Alcohol advertisers generally decide on one of two strategies. The first is they run creative featuring imagery of a recipe and if you click through, you’re taken to their recipe in their recipe guide. The second is actually publishing the entire recipe within the advertising creative. Adding recipes to your creative messaging shows that a product is versatile allowing consumers to create a special recipe.

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