Call to Action Examples Every Advertiser Needs

A Display Advertising Campaign wont work if nobody engages or clicks on the Creative. Advertising can’t generate leads without a clear and direct Call to Action. Potential customers want to be told what to do in order to benefit from your product and service. If you’re ambiguous about what steps your customers need to follow, they’ll simply click away and find another service. Luckily, penning a call to action is pretty easy. Let’s unpack what a call to action really is, why it is so important, and what examples you can use to set yourself apart from the rest.

What Is a Call to Action (CTA)?

A Call to Action, also known as a CTA, is a clear and direct statement used within the advertising creative to direct visitors to the related content or form etc. A Call to Action is used as a sort of marketing strategy to give potential customers clear instruction on what they need to do next after visiting a website.

For example, a Specialty Food Website is advertising a product, say flavored salt. Within the Advertising Creative the Call to Action could be either Buy Now or Add to Cart.

Why is a CTA so Important?

Too many businesses don’t invest time in creating a relevant Call to Action. This may be because the business believes their potential customers can “figure it out” or that calls to action are pushy and sometimes annoying.

When it comes down to it, every business advertising pages should utilize Calls to Action and there might be multiple. When a business makes it easier for potential customers to get to the end goal, the potential customer has a lot less work to do. If your website is set up in a way that navigating to your products page or sign-up page takes a long time, your potential customers may simply end up clicking away.

User-friendliness is key when selling products or services online. A Call to Action provides a more user-friendly experience for your potential customers.

Call to Action Examples

These tried and true Call to Action Examples can be customized by you to become something more unique. Remember that your call to action should be extremely simple and direct.

1. Get Recipes

Get Recipes - Campbells Soup - 970x250 - Call to Action

Get Recipes - Philadelphia - 300x250 - Call to Action       Get Recipes - Hamburger Helper - 300x250 - Call to Action      More Recipes - Almond Breeze - 300x250 - Call to Action

Obviously for food brands the Call to Action “Get Recipes” is highly relevant and popular across Gourmet Ads and our publishers. We see this Call to Action used when brands are encouraging downloads of Recipes / Cookbooks which can be printed or pushing consumers to their website which features recipes. We also see this being used when targeting our Household Cooks Segment.

2. Free Cookbook / Download Cookbook 

Free Cookbook - California Figs - 300x250 - Call to Action

Closely related to the above Call to Action of “Get Recipes” is “Free Cookbook” or “Download Cookbook”. We see this Call to Action used when brands are offering a free PDF download of their Cookbook of recipes for a Food brand.

3. Buy Now

Buy Now - Keurig - 300x250 - Call to Action  Buy Now - Heinz - 300x250 - Call to Action    Buy Now - Kraft Mac & Cheese - 300x250 - Call to Action

When it comes to a Call to Action, simplicity is key, and “Buy Now” couldn’t be any simpler. Try making it extremely clear exactly where potential customers need to go to make a purchase.

3. Order Now

Order Now - Ben and Jerrys - 300x250 - Call to Action    Order Now - Starbucks - 300x250 - Call to Action

Like “Buy Now”, “Order Now” is a Call to Action which makes it very clear where potential customers need to go in order to purchase your product or service, ideal for advertises which facility ordering online.

4. Add to Cart

Add to Cart - Peets Coffee - 300x250 - Call to Action       Add To Cart - Tazo Tea - 300x250 - Call to Action

The Call to Action “Add to Cart” is very specific for advertisers which run eCommerce on their website. It is very clear that when you click on this advertisement, the product being advertised will be added to your shopping cart on thier website. We see lots of brand advertisers also using this where they are sending consumers to large shopping retailers like Amazon as opposed to their own site.

5. Save Now 

Save Now - Haagen Dazs - 300x250 - Call To Action    Save Now - Breyers - 300x250 - Call to Action

Another eCommerce-related Call to Action is “Save Now”. This suggests to the consumer that if they click on the advertisement they will make a saving by buying online. Sometimes the Call to Action is “Save Now with Promo Code”.

6. Free Delivery

Online retailers and food delivery apps are quite competitive, so offering free delivery for new clients can set your service apart from the rest.

7. Get Started

Offering a way to get started with a product or service can be the ideal call to action for many companies.

8. Join Now

If your business solicits memberships, subscriptions, and collaborations, using language that encourages the lead to take part in the experience works well as a call to action.

9. Sign Up

This CTA is ideal for websites who offer services, informative newsletters, or online courses.

10. Subscribe / Subscribe Now 

Subscribe Now - Food Network Magazine - 300x250 - Call to Action     Subscribe Now - Sainsburys Magazine - 300x250 - Call to Action

“Subscribe Now” is a Call to Action that directly relates to a product or service delivered on a regular basis like monthly or quarterly. Think magazines, streaming channels or Monthly Box packs.

11. Free Download

This is a step up from “download now.” Offering any sort of free product, even if it is something small and downloadable, gives your potential customers a chance to experience your brand for free.

12. Learn More

Learn More - Nespresso - 300x250   Learn More - Heinz - 300x250 - Call to Action    Learn More - Chicken of the Sea - 300x250 - Call to Action

If you offer a product or service that requires a bit more of an explanation, a “learn more” call to action gives a distinct direction for curious leads to take.

13. Click to Call

Interactive websites, such as websites with chat functions, can use this call to action to get leads to interact with your customer service team to schedule an appointment or learn more about your brand.

14. Chat Now

This is similar to “click to call” and can be used to get your leads to get more information from your customer service team.

15. Shop Now

Shop Now - Pepsi - 300x250   Crystal Farms Walmart - 300x250 - Shop Now     Shop Now - San Pellegrino Sparkling Water - 300x250

Shop Now - Sianbury's - 970x250

The Call to Action “Shop Now” is one of the most popular used by our food and supermarket advertisers. It’s straight to the point and lets consumers know they can buy your product straight away online and without delay. We reviewed the majority of Amazon Food Ads run across Gourmet Ads and nearly all of them used “Shop Now” especially for Amazon Fresh.

Many online retailers have landing pages that describe their brand, and the actual shopping aspect is separate. A pop-up call to action with a link to the actual shop reduces the amount of time your potential customers will need to find your actual products.

16. Try for Free  

Advertisers that offer free trials, free samples, or memberships, that can be a good Call to Action to consider.

17. Start Your Free Trial

Start Free Trial - Woolworths - 300x250 - Call to Action

Subscription-based businesses, such as delivery, streaming video and music services, should consider a call to action that offers a free trial for potential customers.

18. Try Now 

Try Now - Starbucks Coffee - 300x250 - Call to Action

Ideal for why you’d like to tempt consumers Try a new product range, start a free trial, obtain a sample, or start a membership, that can be a good call to action to consider.

18. Drive Up

Drive Up - Target - 300x250 - Call to Action    Drive Up - Albertsons - 300x250 - Call to Action

We started seeing “Drive Up” during Covid for Supermarkets and Grocery Stores offering “Contactless” or “Click and Collect”. Ideal for any advertiser

19. Book a Slot

Book a Slot - Tesco - 300x250 - Call to Action

This Call to Action is specific for Online Grocery Delivery or Drive Up / Click and Collect type services which require a time to be booked. We’ve seen this Call to Action increase during Covid.

20. Download Now

Download Now - Heinz - 300x250 - Call to Action

If you have content or an application that is downloadable, offering a distinct and clear link to where leads can try out your product can turn them into potential customers.

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