What is a Private Marketplace?

Private Marketplace Deals are typically “Invite Only” or Exclusive Programmatic Advertising Auctions that give the buyer priority or preferred access in the Ad Server or SSP on a Semi-Reserved basis with agreed on pricing. Deals generally consist of predetermined High Quality Inventory or specific Audience Segments. Private Marketplace Deals can be setup as Evergreen (no end date) or Campaign Flight based (ie start and stop dates).

Benefits of Private Marketplace Deals

Top Level Benefits of Private Marketplace Deals

  • First Look” or Preferred / Priority Access
  • Fixed or Dynamic Floor based CPMs
  • Layer on First Party or Third-Party Data
  • Brand-safe Inventory with URL Transparency
  • Easy to Optimize for KPIs using Smart Deals Logic
  • Precise Targeting
  • Workflow Efficiencies


Benefits of Private Marketplace Deals

Private Marketplaces for Buyers

Private Marketplaces - Grocery Buyers

No matter what you call them ie PMPs, PMP Deals, Deal IDs, Private Marketplace, Private Auctions or Preferred Deals; Gourmet Ads offers Agency Trading Desks (ATDs), Demand Side Platforms (DSPs), Retargeters and Brand Advertisers direct access to our Highest quality inventory via a range of Private Marketplace Deals.

Ideal for Food, Supermarket and Wine brands wanting to reach highly engaged grocery buyer and household cooks online.

Private Marketplace Categories

Gourmet Ads approaches Private Marketplace Deals different to most. We categorize Private Marketplace Deals into 4 different base categories, these being; Media Type, Placement, Contextual & Audience.

Media Type based Private Marketplace Deals

Media Type based Private Marketplace Deals simply is the differentiation between the Media Types that Gourmet Ads offers. We offer Private Marketplace Deals based on;

  • Display Advertising
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Video Advertising
  • Native Advertising
Private Marketplaces - Spaghetti
Private Marketplace Deals Media Types

Placement based Private Marketplace Deals

Placement based Private Marketplace Deals fall into two trafficking options; Creative Ad Size and Optimization by Placement.

1. Creative Ad Size

For buyers that want to access a specific creative size like a 970×250 or a rich media unit like an Interstitial, we can create a Deal just for that size. Deals for Ad Size be limited to one or many sizes. We offer both standard IAB units and IAB Rising Star units.

2. Optimization by Placement

We use an algorithm in Real-time to cherry pick placements for a deal depending on optimization criteria. Common Optimization Deals include;

  • Best Performing Placements (High CTR)
  • 70% Viewability (Display & Video)
  • Video High Completion Rates
  • Expandable Placements
  • Mobile Interscroller
Private Marketplace Deals Optimization
Contextual based Private Marketplace Deals - Barbecue

Contextual based Private Marketplace Deals

Many say that Context is King. Gourmet Ads offers the ability to advertise on a programmatic basis using Deal ID right next to relevant content which is contextually relevant for your campaign.

For example, if you had an advertising campaign about a Barbecues, then we would setup a Private Marketplace Deals targeting Barbecue Content.

For a full list of Food and Alcohol based Contextual Targeting options available, visit our Contextual Advertising Page.

Audience based Private Marketplace Deals

Audience based Private Marketplace Deals are Deals are built using our own First Party Data Segments or Third-Party Data Segments.

Check out First Party Data Segments.

Via our data integrations and partnerships, Gourmet Ads has access to literally thousands third party Audience Data Segments. These include demographic segments like age, sex, marital status or employment as well as shopping behaviors and interests.

Private Marketplace Deals Audience
Private Marketplace Deals Pricing

Gourmet Ads offers 3 types of Private Marketplace Pricing options with Deals and we operate a 2nd Price Auction.

  • Dynamic Floor Prices (Most Popular)
    Dynamic Floor Priced is our most popular option by programmatic buyers. We set a floor price and the clearing price will be a penny more than the 2nd highest bidder.
  • Fixed Prices
    Fixed Price pricing irrespective of what you bid. Ideal for Buyers that need certainty with Programmatic Prices.
  • No Floor Price / Marketprice
    Our No Floor Price option allows buyers to bid what they think the inventory is worth and end up paying a fair market rate for the inventory at that time, somewhat similar to what you would see buying Open Exchange. Biggest benefit is Open Exchange buying with multiple campaigns a Deal. No Floor Price is not available to all DSPs, please ask to see if your DSP is supported.
Private Marketplace Deals Floor Price / Marketprice

How to Setup a Private Marketplace Deal

To setup a Private Marketplace with Gourmet Ads, simply Contact Us with your requirements. When Contacting us, please share as much information or a brief if you have it.

We typically suggest 4-5 different deals depending on your strategy or tactics.

Ideally we’d like to know the following;

  • What DSP will you be using?
  • Evergreen Deal or Campaign Deal (with Flight Dates)?
  • Client and Brand ?
  • Timing – When do you need the Deal ID live ?
  • Goals or KPIs (ie CTR, Conversions, Viewability) ?
  • Creative Ad Sizes?
  • Who is the Target Audience?
  • Campaigns Tactics or Strategy ?

What is a Deal ID ?

Depending on the SSP used, a Deal ID is a numerical or alphanumerical identifier passed in the actual the bid request to DSP. The Deal Id (when mapped in both SSP and DSP) enables the buyers DSP to identify private marketplace inventory and bid accordingly to the rules set in the DSP.

One to One Deals

Most Deal IDs operate on a strict One to One basis. That is; a Deal ID is setup for a single DSP and enabled for a seller and buyer only to transact on. An example of One to One Deals would be Healthy Ads (as the Seller) and ULTRA Mindshare (as the Buyer) transacting on a specific Deal ID.

One to Many Deals

One to Many Deals are slightly different, whilst limited to a single DSP, the seller enables that any buyer using the DSP can access the deals. Sometimes One to Many Deals are referred to as Platform Deals or Pre Negotiated Deals. An example of a One to Many Deal would be Healthy Ads (as the Seller) and the TradeDesk (as the DSP) and the deal is used by an Agency transacting on a specific Deal ID.

Integrated Demand Side Platform Companies (DSPs)

For programmatic enabled Brands with In-house Trading Teams, Agency Trading Desks, Advertising Agencies, Retargeters or Independent Trading Desk, Gourmet Ads is built upon the Xandr tech stack and fully integrated Programmatically with the following Demand Side Platform Companies (DSP) enabling streamlined, transparent connections between Advertisers through to end-user Consumers.

Xandr DSP / Xandr Invest / Part of AT&T and WarnerMedia
Roku OneView / Roku Advertising Platform / Roku DSP
Appnexus DSP
Adform DSP
Hawk DSP By Tabmo
Doubleclick Bid Manager
The Trade Desk DSP / TTD DSP / The Trade Desk Deals
Adelphic DSP / Adelphic Demand Side Platform by Viant
BidSwitch DSP by IPONWEB
Choozle Self Service DSP
Bidtellect DSP / Bidtellect Demand Side Platform
Delta Projects DSP
DataXu DSP
Amazon DSP / Amazon Advertising
Adobe Marketing Cloud
StackAdapt DSP / Stack Adapt Demand Side Platform
Beeswax DSP
Media.net DSP
Bidtheatre DSP
Amobee DSP
DV360 / Google Display & Video DSP
Verizon Media DSP Oath Ad Platforms Yahoo
AdRoll Retargeting
Basis DSP by Centro
BrightRoll DSP by Yahoo

Let’s Get Started ! 

Let the Gourmet Ads team walk you through all the options available to ensure that your Food, Supermarket, Beverage or Kitchen advertising campaign has the best possible combination of Premium Guaranteed Inventory, Scale, First Party Data, Contextual Targeting and Programmatic Advertising elements.