Brand Safety & Transparency

“Brand Safety” is an umbrella term for the preventative measures undertaken to prevent harm to advertisers running Managed Services Campaigns or Programmatically via PMPs or Deal IDs.

For many years, Gourmet Ads has implemented numerous levels of defense against showing a client’s ads on inappropriate content that are continually updated to provide comprehensive protection.

For advertisers that would like more insights to our Brand Safety & Transparency, please Contact Us and we’ll provide a detailed PDF.

Brand Safety & Transparency
Brand Safety & Transparency

Some of the preventative measures we have; 

  • Manual Inspection of each Website

  • Automatic Filtering of Impressions in Ad Server

  • Profanity Filter

  • Use of White Lists

  • Forced Black Lists

  • Ads.txt

When it comes to Transparency, we provide detailed reporting and website lists for Managed Services campaigns and Programmatic buying.

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