Best Performing Placements

Updated every 24 hours and Leveraging Machine Learning and Data Science, our Best Performing Placements targeting captures performance data for the last 60 days across Gourmet Ads and Healthy Ads. Best Performing Placements is one of our secret weapons when it comes to performance and gets better over time.


As our publishers run our propriety Page Ad Tag we are able to capture performance data at scale, allowing us to isolate the best placements across the network purely from a Click Through Rate and Post Click Conversion rate. We include placements that exhibit the following attributes;

  • Placements with a CTR Rate of 0.09% or greater (over the for the last 60 days)

  • Placements which have triggered a Post Click Conversion (over the for the last 60 days)

  • User IDs that have Clicked (Previous 14 days)

We then effectively weigh each of these attributes depending on the computer or device and prioritize accordingly. By effectively cherry picking these placements and adding them to your campaign, will typically result in higher click though rates and conversions. As a precaution, we layer in anti-fraud segment to the Click Segment to ensure these are certainly “humans”.

Best Performing Placements can be used for both Managed Services and Programmatic campaigns. From a Programmatic perspective, our own targeting works better as we have our data compared to click prediction modelling that some DSPs implement on the buy side.

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