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Amazon Sellers need a partner focused on the long-term success of their Amazon business.

Gourmet Ads is an Amazon Ads Verified Partner and we specialize in amplifying your Amazon revenue, transforming challenges into lucrative opportunities. Our keys to running successful Amazon Advertising campaigns are a deep understanding of Amazon’s unique ecosystem, use of a full-funnel strategy (on and off Amazon), continuous optimization based on data insights, and a creative approach that will attract new customers.

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What is Amazon Advertising?

Amazon is the world’s largest online marketplace. Amazon Advertising is a comprehensive advertising solution tailored for Amazon Sellers, designed to increase visibility and drive sales on the Amazon platform. Amazon Advertising offers a range of tools and services that leverage Amazon’s vast customer base and data insights to help sellers effectively target potential customers.

Why Advertise with Amazon? 

The answer lies in Amazon’s sophisticated suite of tools designed to understand and leverage the shopping behaviors of its industry-leading consumer-base. This platform enables advertisers to not only identify their ideal customers but also to engage with them through precisely targeted strategies. By advertising on Amazon, you gain access to invaluable data and insights, allowing you to tailor your approach to fit the unique demands and preferences of your audience. Whether you’re launching a new food or kitchen product or just focusing on expanding your brand’s reach, Amazon provides a dynamic and effective environment to turn your advertising strategies into tangible results, ensuring that your products resonate with and reach the right customers at the right time.

Why Amazon Advertising
Amazon Advertising Amazon DSP

Amazon DSP

Amazon DSP, Amazon’s integrated advertising platform, is a powerful tool for Amazon Sellers. At Gourmet Ads, we specialize in managing campaigns on Amazon DSP, showcasing your brand across all its ad formats. This includes static and dynamic display ads, video ads, and CTV ads, spanning all Amazon platforms. Leveraging Amazon’s retail dominance and rich consumer insights, we craft impactful, targeted advertising campaigns. Our expertise in this arena ensures that your brand not only resonates with your audience but also experiences significant growth.

A Full-Funnel Approach

Our Full-Funnel Approach at Gourmet Ads encompasses advertising strategies both on and off Amazon. This approach is designed to help you not only win on Amazon by maximizing visibility and sales, but also expanding your audience reach off Amazon, tapping into new markets and opportunities. This comprehensive approach ensures maximum visibility and growth for your brand across diverse platforms.

Amazon Advertising Targeting Options

Precision-Driven Amazon Targeting 

Some top Amazon targeting options we utilize are ASIN Targeting, targeting specific product interests, and In-Market Audiences, focusing on users with recent shopping behaviors indicating a readiness to buy. Category-Level Targeting expands reach within broader categories. These strategies, along with our Contextual Targeting expertise, ensure a well-rounded and effective approach to your campaign, maximizing impact both On and Off Amazon.


Amazon Fresh Advertising

Navigating the bustling marketplace of Amazon Fresh requires a nuanced approach, and Gourmet Ads is your expert guide in this journey. We specialize in crafting Amazon Advertising strategies that amplify the visibility of your food and grocery products, directly driving sales. Our approach leverages deep insights into shopper behavior and preferences on Amazon Fresh, ensuring your brand not only captures attention but also converts it into meaningful sales. With Gourmet Ads, elevate your Amazon Fresh presence and watch your products become a staple in online grocery carts.

Amazon Fresh Advertising

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