Latitude and Longitude Radius Targeting

Latitude and Longitude Targeting is sometimes referred to as Geo Radius Targeting and allows the advertiser to exactly define the geographical area they want to reach. Latitude and Longitude Targeting is considered a sub targeting category of GeoTargeting.

What is Latitude and Longitude Targeting?

Latitude and Longitude Targeting fundamentally starts with 4 basic elements.

  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • Radius (in meters: 3m to 100000m)
  • Name of Area

We will then build a list of these Lat & Long Areas that are built into your Geotargeting within the Campaign. One thing to be aware of using Latitude and Longitude Targeting is that approximately 30% of impressions received contain location data that you can target. It is best used without Device Targeting in place to maximize impressions.

Latitude and Longitude Targeting for Supermarkets

Latitude and Longitude Targeting is especially important for Supermarkets or Grocery Stores who only want to reach an audience in the immediate areas surrounding each of their stores. Latitude and Longitude Targeting allows Supermarkets or Grocery Stores to reduce spending advertising dollars on areas that are not relevant or out of reach.

Ideas on Using Latitude and Longitude Targeting

Apart from Supermarkets, Brands can use Latitude and Longitude Targeting to Target users within an area to promote a Coupon to a user when they enter the targetable area.

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