Why we do Managed Services Campaigns better than anyone else.

1. Specialists in the Food & Wine Verticals

2. Our Experience – thousands of Programmatic Campaigns since 2008

3. Campaigns Optimized by Machine Learning, Data Science, & Real

4. Realtime Transparency in Campaign Reporting

5. Proud Food Advertising Agency

Experience with Managed Services 

Since 2008, we’ve offered our Managed Services (sometimes referred to Direct IOs or Insert Order Campaigns) for Brands and their Advertising Agencies running thousands of campaigns over this time.

Not only does our team have both the Strategic and Tactical experience to ensure success, but we have global footprint of ad operations across 3 continents to ensure constant monitoring and optimizations of your campaign throughout the day and night.

Campaign Planning & Media Plan

Programmatic display CTR benchmarks are essential in campaign planning and media strategy development. Marketers may use these standards to set achievable goals, identify growth opportunities, and optimize their efforts for maximum impact. No matter if you have a comprehensive RFP (Request for Proposal) or just a simple campaign idea, either way, that’s enough for us to get started. After an initial kick-off call, we’ll prepare a details Media Plan that will articulate your KPIs and more importantly how we plan to achieve them. The Media Plan will show where your campaign will run and breakdowns in your budget. Our preference is to run campaigns off approved Whitelists, as we make transparency a priority for advertisers.

Prospecting Campaigns

Many of our Managed Service campaigns are focused on Prospecting. That is, we are “Prospecting” for new customers or clients for your product or service. Think of it as advertising to the top of the funnel and as such we tend to use broad targeting options for maximum reach. So, it’s not uncommon for these campaigns to be based on some sort of whitelist of sites, category, contextual targeting options or First Party Data or Third-Party Data source such as demographic or shopping behavior. We’ll work with you to use the best in breed data source for your requirements.

Retargeting Campaigns

We have many Managed Service clients that just run evergreen or “always on” Retargeting Campaigns with Gourmet Ads. Contextual advertising can boost display ad performance and increase click-through rates and conversions. Contextual advertising can be used in conjunction with programmatic advertising and managed service campaigns. Think of these as bottom of the funnel campaigns where the consumer is about to convert ie They are ready to buy your product or service. The Conversion trigger could actually be acquisition ie they signed up via a Form. When kicking off a Managed Service Campaign based on Retargeting, we start as early as possible to establish cookie segments and conversion pixels across your website. Both of these are essential as they form the underlying basis of targeting, tracking, and converting.


When it comes to Gourmet Ads and our Manage Service offering is unique range of algorithmic based buying models which we use from the start to ensure campaign success. Whilst all Managed Service campaigns are sold on a CPM basis, we currently can set optimizations such as;

  • CPA – Cost Per Acquisition
  • CPC – Cost Per Click
  • CTR – Click Through Rate
  • Viewability Rate
  • Video Completion Rate

Our Optimizations are conduction both in real-time using Machine Learning and Data Science to constantly adjust and re-evaluate the inventory and the performance every hour of the day. In addition, our Global Ad Operations team ( ie Real People !) are tasked with ensuring overall success for your Managed Services Campaign what ever the KPIs are.

Optimizations of campaigns isn’t just about tweaking the CTR rate or Video Completion Rate of the campaign during the flight dates. We believe that taking a minimization of spend focus and pacing is just as important. We are firm advocates of Time and Day Parting to connect with your audience at key times not necessarily 24 hours a day. This simple tactic reduces wastage and is reflected in our Media Plans.

Reach Extension

When running a Managed Service Campaign, we try, where possible not to place a bias our own publisher supply (ie the websites directly managed by Gourmet Ads ie where we have our own Ad Tags on the page). We’ll certainly run your campaign across our curated Managed Supply of Publishers, but we focus on buying the targeting audience where ever they are located on the internet. We have thousands of publisher integrations with all major supply sources giving us unsurpassed access to thousands of websites.

However, there are times when having access to our managed supply is a major advantage for performance, such as running High Impact units like Interstials, Skins, 970×250, 300×600 and 300×1050 or custom integrations.

A sample of websites we may use as part of a Reach Extension Campaign;

Recipe Websites

Food Blogs


Campaign Budgets & Pricing 

Our team works with budgets of all sizes, but generally speaking our Managed Services pricing starts at USD$10k per campaign and goes higher depending on the type of campaign, duration, targeting, etc.

All Managed Services campaigns are booked on a CPM basis.

Let’s Get Started ! 

Let the Gourmet Ads team walk you through all the options available to ensure that your Food, Supermarket, Beverage or Kitchen advertising campaign has the best possible combination of Premium Guaranteed Inventory, Scale, First Party Data, Contextual Targeting and Programmatic Advertising elements.