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Food Delivery Advertising

Gourmet Ads has recently launched Food Delivery Targeting as part of our global targeting options. Based on Contextual Targeting, our Food Delivery Targeting includes a range of “delivery-based terms” such as “Food Near Me” together with all major delivery brands and companies we know do delivery such as Pizza. Food advertising tricks have been used for years to make customers desire certain foods. Today, online food delivery is a multi-billion-dollar sector that is transforming the global food market one delivery at a time.

We can use this targeting across both Programmatic Deals IDs and Managed Services. Brands that want to use our Food Delivery Targeting paired together with our Recipe Targeting options that they are producing such as Pizza Recipes, Italian Recipes etc.

Agency holding companies have a wealth of  resources, including industry data, market research, and consumer insights. This enables them to develop highly focused and effective marketing programs that resonate with their target audience. Ideal for restaurant brands, QSRs (Quick Service Restaurants), individual restaurants and cafes, an additional targeting option is to use some sort of geographical targeting such as Geotargeting or our Latitude and Longitude Targeting ensuring you’re reaching consumers that are local to your Food Delivery area. A good food advertising agency will make sure that you target properly for your food company.

Food Delivery Advertising Creatives

Here are Food Delivery Advertising Creatives we’ve seen recently.

Chipotle 728x90 Food Delivery Advertising
Postmates 300x600 Food Delivery Advertising 300x600 Food Delivery Advertising
Uber Eats 300x600 Food Delivery Advertising
McDelivery 300x600 Food Delivery Advertising
Doordash 300x600 Food Delivery Advertising
Caviar 300x600 Food Delivery Advertising
Outback Steakhouse 728x90 Food Delivery Advertising

If you’d like help developing your Food Delivery Advertising Strategy please contact the team at Gourmet Ads. You can start by Downloading our Media Kit.

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