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Programmatic Buyer Report Card

Transparency is essential when it comes to Programmatic Trading.

It seems that every day there is a new report about fake news or viral content being bought programmatically by a brand.
Our solution is simple, provide programmatic buyers transparent sell side reporting.

Since 2013, Gourmet Ads has provided all programmatic buyers our Programmatic Report Card monthly on the 2nd Wednesday of the month.

Our Programmatic Buyer Report Card provides programmatic-enabled buyers Business Intelligence from a sell side perspective. We share with you what we see from a transactional/programmatic basis from our Ad Server and SSP. Our short, 3 to 4 Page Buyer Report Card is custom to every buyer and is intended to provide a buyer a complete snapshot of activity for the last 30 days across Gourmet Ads and includes;

  • Spend by Day & Country
  • Endemic and Non-Endemic Brands
  • Ad Sizes and Media Types
  • Deal IDs Running and Not Live
  • Top Publishers Websites
  • Impression Availability
  • Suggested Bidding Ranges…..and many more interesting observations.

We constantly are told by Agency Trading Desks and Independent Traders around the world that our Programmatic Buyer Report Card is the best publisher level / sell side reporting provided.

We build each Programmatic Report Card, via Appnexus Member ID mapping. Buyers do not have to have a dedicated Appnexus Member Seat, rather an alias seat can be used to build each report, ie a Buyer via The Trade Desk (using the Trade Desk Bidder) which is mapped in Appnexus can be provided a custom Report Card.

Gourmet Ads also produces a Programmatic Brand Report Card designed for brands and their advertising agencies.

If you are currently not receiving a Programmatic Buyer Report Card from Gourmet Ads Please Contact Us.

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