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What is a SSP ?

A SSP (referred to as a Supply Side Platform) is a cloud-based software platform used by publishers to monetize their inventory with ad exchange, ad networks, and DSPs at the same time to sell impressions at their highest value in real time. SSPs provide a variety of ad space, including traditional banner ads, native ads, video ads, and more.

Some people often confuse the SSP acronym of Supply Side Platform for Sell Side Platform, but they are very much the same things. Publishers often take a few basic steps to sell ad inventory on an SSP (Supply Side Platform), allowing them to effectively monetize their digital advertising space.

SSP Advertising is a digital advertising solution that allows publishers to sell their online inventory more efficiently. Publishers can optimise their ad inventory by offering it to a diverse range of potential purchasers, including marketers, agencies, and ad networks, using SSP Advertising. In order to ensure a great user experience and maximize income for publishers, SSP ad quality is essential. SSPs are integrated into a Publishers Ad Server via a few options;

  1. Fully integrated into the Ad Server (Appnexus SSP and Appnexus Ad Server are one the same)
  2. Integrated via Header Bidding (ie Prebid.org or similar wrapper)
  3. Installed via Ad Tags typically at the bottom of the Ad Server often referred to as a Daisy Chain)

Programmatic SSP provides complete reporting and analytics capabilities to publishers. Publishers may gain deep insights into ad performance, revenue metrics, and audience engagement, allowing them to make data-driven decisions and optimize their advertising campaigns. The major function of an SSP programmatic is to assist publishers in maximizing revenue by connecting their inventory with demand sources such as demand-side platforms (DSPs) and multiple ad exchanges. Each SSP is uniquely different by company, but they essentially allow a publisher to sell programmatically via PMPs / Deals using a variety of options like Data or Categorization.

Ad network optimization is a vital component of supply-side platform operations. SSPs can increase revenue for publishers by carefully selecting, prioritizing, and monitoring ad networks. Publishers often work with multiple supply side platforms to gain differentiated Demand Sources ie the integrated with Google Adx allows unique demand from Google’s Self Service product, Adwords.

Major SSPs include; Appnexus, Rubicon Project, Index Exchange, Pubmatic, Google Adx to name a few.


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