What is Win Rate ?

Win Rate is the percentage that measures the total number of impressions won in programmatic buys divided by the total number of impressions bid on. High win rates in terms of programmatic can indicate low bidding competition for the user or website at the price point.

Win Rate Formula

Win Rate = (Number of Impressions Won/Number of Impressions Bid)  x 100 

For example if you bid 1 Million times and win 50,000 this is calculated as;

(50,000 / 1000000) X 100 = 5% Win Rate

Increasing your Win Rate 

There are various ways to increase the Win Rate of your campaign, but essentially you need to win more impressions or bid less. Here are some ideas to increase your Win Rate for your campaign.

  • Increase the Bid Price

  • Use a Pre-bid solution to be more selective on what you are bidding on

  • Only Bid on Creative Sizes that have high Win Rates

  • Bid in fewer auctions ie reduce the number of impressions bid on

  • Only Bid on Media Formats that have High Win Rates

  • Increase Viewability Thresholds to bid on less impressions

  • Only Bid on Domains that have High Win Rates

  • Implement Campaign Pacing

  • Auto Optimize off Low Win Rate Inventory