What does QPS stand for?

QPS stands for Queries Per Second and is considered the central metric used to describe a server’s dimension in terms of capacity/throughput. It’s the amount of server power you have to work with.

How do we think about it QPS in relation to Real-Time Bidding (RTB) protocols or Programmatic Advertising operations?
The two places QPS would be quoted would either on the buy-side or the sell-side in terms of requests.

Buy-Side QPS
On the buy-side within your DSP (Demand Side Platform) How many supply-side or sellers impressions can you “listen” to one time will be controlled by your allowable QPS. A high level of QPS means you can “listen” to a great deal, whereas a low QPS means you might need to restrict which supply you listen to or even restrict the number of URLs you listen to.

Sell-Side QPS
On the Sell Side or Publisher side you want to work with SSPs that use OpenRTB protocol and have integrations with DSP that will “listen” to all impressions (very high QPS) running through their system at any one time to maximize yield.