What Is Programmatic Advertising?

Bringing attention to your brand is never a simple venture. In today’s age, it is especially important to look at what digital systems and methods one can implement into their marketing strategy.

One method of marketing that is becoming increasingly popular is Programmatic Advertising. But what exactly is Programmatic Advertising, and what are the benefits of implementing this technology into one’s business?

Let’s take a look at how this form of advertising can take your marketing to another level.

Programmatic Advertising Definition

Programmatic Advertising can be simply defined as the automation of selling and buying online advertising. This type of automation makes executing transactions easier and more effective by streamlining the advertising process and condensing your advertising actions into one single platform.

There are millions upon millions of websites online today that are constantly being viewed around the world. Trying to use multiple platforms to advertise in different areas of the web is immensely difficult and time-consuming. Not to mention, trying to find the best places to place your ads in order to reach your target audience is also quite daunting. Programmatic Advertising can automate this process so that you can focus on other important aspects of your business.

Data plays a major role in Programmatic Advertising. Tactics are implemented to divide audiences into groups that are relevant to specific advertisers so those advertisers will only have to pay for ads that are in front of who they want at the right time. Traditional forms of online advertising don’t really use this tactic, so advertisers are left to sit and hope that the right potential customer will see their ads.

Programmatic Advertising really leverages algorithms to make the act of buying, placing, and optimizing ads much more efficient and quicker. Every Programmatic Advertising platform that you’ll look into will have a machine learning and AI at its core that is constantly analyzing campaigns and learning new algorithms of buyers. Users who are very likely to be converted and become customers or buyers of your product can be quickly targeted this way.

Why Should I Use Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic Advertising has contributed billions of dollars to the online advertising market and is steadily growing in popularity each year. To be late to the game when it comes to this form of advertising could be detrimental to your business. Like we mentioned before, owning an online business means that you constantly have to have your finger on the pulse of digital innovations for new trends like this.

There are so many benefits to Programmatic Advertising as well. This biggest benefit is, of course, you’ll be able to make more informed data-driven decisions and not have to focus so much time and energy on the advertising process.

Programmatic Advertising is also a much more innovative and effective method of targeting. There is currently no other method of advertising that allows advertisers to target audiences and utilize different tactics in this way. Campaign management is streamlined as well, meaning that you can condense campaigns in one system across multiple devices and formats. This allows you to visualize your campaign more efficiently. It is also substantially easier for advertisers to access their ad inventories. With Programmatic Advertising platforms known as DSPs, advertisers can access the inventory across multiple exchanges at the same time while letting the algorithm do all the work.

It’s very likely that Programmatic Advertising is going to be the industry default advertising method of the future. It can effectively send messages across many preferred channels and reach the more desirable viewers while using data collected to find new lucrative advertising opportunities. Automation is already becoming a major aspect of digital businesses today, so it only makes sense that advertising innovations would start popping up as well. Missing out on this could result in a lost opportunity to save money and see better results with your online advertising campaigns.

Gourmet Ads can help you navigate the Programmatic Advertising landscape. We’ve been running Programmatic Advertising Campaigns since early 2014 and have the experience and skills to help you acheive your business goals.

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Integrated Demand Side Platform Companies (DSPs)

For programmatic enabled Brands with In-house Trading Teams, Agency Trading Desks, Advertising Agencies, Retargeters or Independent Trading Desk, Gourmet Ads is built upon the Xandr tech stack and fully integrated Programmatically with the following Demand Side Platform Companies (DSP) enabling streamlined, transparent connections between Advertisers through to end-user Consumers.

Xandr DSP / Xandr Invest / Part of AT&T and WarnerMedia
Roku OneView / Roku Advertising Platform / Roku DSP
Appnexus DSP
Hawk DSP By Tabmo
Doubleclick Bid Manager
The Trade Desk DSP / TTD DSP / The Trade Desk Deals
Adelphic DSP / Adelphic Demand Side Platform by Viant
BidSwitch DSP by IPONWEB
Choozle Self Service DSP
Bidtellect DSP / Bidtellect Demand Side Platform
Delta Projects
Amazon DSP / Amazon Advertising
Adobe Marketing Cloud
StackAdapt DSP / Stack Adapt Demand Side Platform
Beeswax DSP
DV360 / Google Display & Video DSP
Verizon Media DSP Oath Ad Platforms Yahoo
AdRoll Retargeting
Basis DSP by Centro
BrightRoll DSP by Yahoo

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