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160×600 Ad Unit

The 160×600 / Skyscraper is a Consistent Performer when Beside Content

The 160×600 Ad Unit is the work horse ad unit, providing consistent results for advertisers. Commonly known as the Skyscraper or Wide Skyscraper, the 160×600 ad unit is typically placed at the top or middle of publisher websites. They are popular with food blogs because of the natural design of a blog allowing a 160×600 to be placed in their side navigation or beside content and comments.From a branding perspective, the 160×600 is considered by most advertisers as a strong performing ad unit, and is used on nearly every campaign run on Gourmet Ads.

Features of the 160×600 or Skyscraper ;

  • Consistent Results for Advertisers
  • Can be run as an expandable unit or standard unit
  • Ideal for in unit video placement
  • Ideal for all types of rich media
  • Approved IAB Ad Unit

Don’t have a 160×600 Ad Creative?

Gourmet Ads can take your existing creative assets and develop 160×600 ad units for your campaign using your brand standards quickly and cost effectively. See Creative Design for more details.

Need Creative Specifications for a 160×600 ad unit?

See – Gourmet Ads Creative Specifications

Planters 160x600 Wide Skyscraper

Sample 160×600

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