Outstream Video

What is Outstream Video ?

Our Outstream Video offering features a large video player nested around content like recipes that only begin playing when the video player comes into view. Audio commences when the users mouse overs the player, offering a non-intrusive user experience.  If the user continues to scroll past the player after its begun playing, the player moves to the right hand corner (using Side Stream technology) allowing the video finishing giving high completion rates.

Outstream Video

Outstream Video Features 

Outstream Video is best suited to Advertisers who are seeking;

  • 100% Viewable Video Impressions (only plays when in view)
  • High Completion Rates – Due to SideStream Technology
  • Ability to Buy Programmatically or via our Managed Service
  • High Click Through and High Engagement Rates compared to Display
  • Seamless and Less Intrusive Experience for Users
  • Desktop and Mobile Inventory
  • 6 second to 90 second duration

Outstream Video surrounded by Food & Recipe Content

One of the reasons Outstream Video provides such high engagement and high click through rates is because the player is surrounded by content. Outstream Video and Contextual Advertising are two effective online advertising methods that provide distinct benefits to both brands and publishers. Businesses can increase their visibility and reach a larger audience by utilizing these methods, while publishers can increase engagement and revenue. Given the content across our publishers, you’re more likely to experience an Outstream Video while reading a recipe.

Demo of Outstream Video

What Video Formats are supported?

Our Outstream Video player accepts both VAST or VPAID compliant Ad Tags. For advertisers without video hosting, we host almost any video asset for your campaign allowing you to take regular TV commercials and re-purpose them for online.

Outstream Video Deals

Programmatic Buyers wanting to buy Outstream Video across Gourmet Ads are recommended to setup a Deal ID using our Smart Deals logic. Smart Deals logic allows you to buy deals with ;

Let’s Get Started ! 

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