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300×250 – The Top Performer

300x250 – The Top Performer

Some call it the Island Ad, others call it the MREC or Medium Rectangle. Whatever you actually call it, the 300×250 Ad Unit tends to be the best performing ad unit across the Gourmet Ads network. When I refer to performer, this is in relation to  the click through rate, post click tracking and post impressions tracking for that ad unit. Talking just clicks, we generally see that the 300×250 has a click rate 20%-30% higher than other ad units on a page.

So why does the 300×250 outperform? This is probably due to its size which helps a great deal as well as how its positioned on a page. Usually they are located in the top right hand side (Above the Fold) or within the content of the page allowing it stand out when people are reading the text on the page.

Another reason why the 300×250 outperforms is that this ad unit is perfect for rich media, especially video content. Gourmet Ads is seeing more and more advertisers running video in the ad unit for either tv commercials or movie trailers. Purely because of its dimensions, video looks great in the 300×250 ad unit. Video was designed to be there.

Becoming more and more popular with advertisers is the expandable ad units. We’ve run expandable 300×250 ads allowing recipes and other sorts of content to be published in an ad unit. This allows users to engage with the advertiser content on the page. Here we can tracks expands and other interactions providing a different sort of metrics from just the usually click through rate or CTR.

So what are the takeaways from this blog? That you still should continue to provide all ad units for a campaign and if possible use rich media and video. From the outset of a campaign, I would allocate a higher budget into the 300×250 space. However ever campaign is different and if an ad unit isn’t performing as well as another ad unit, we’ll recommend moving it to another unit. But keep in mind your campaign might get great results from the 160 x 600. You never know till you run it.

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