Native Advertising Examples

Native Advertising is growing in popularity with both Advertisers and Publishers. Unlike standard display advertising units there is largely not main specification. There are of course general guidelines, but every publisher typically implements different executions of native advertising formats. It could be a large Native Unit or Thumb-sized Placement.

As you’ll see below with the Native Advertising Examples we’ve included within this article, Native Advertising has a non-disruptive approach, and we’ve seen these creative formats producing  great results for clients compared to traditional ad formats such as IAB Ad Units.

After consultation with both Advertisers and Publishers, Gourmet Ads developed a large Native InFeed Advertising unit. Our Native Advertising unit appears within the content of the website, typically in the 3rd or 4th paragraph. Although the Native Advertising unit could occur anywhere within the content.

What we’d like to show in these Native Advertising Examples is that despite most products being advertised could be nicely presented in a food styled environment, some use lifestyle imagery or illustrations to get the message across to target audiences.

One thing we noticed when collating these Native Advertising Examples, is that most advertisers run multiple versions of the same Native Advertisement in their campaign. Advertisers tend to make tweaks such as changing the main image, Header, Description or landing page. Most provide 2 or 3 native ads per campaign.

Recent Native Advertising Examples that we’d like to share;

Native Advertising Pinnacle Foods Group

“Plant Based” from Pinnacle Foods Group / USA

Recipes by Blue Diamond Growers - Native Advertising Examples

Recipes from Blue Diamond Growers  / USA 

Good Eggs - Native Advertising Examples

Good Eggs / USA 

Brewart - Native Advertising Examples

Brewart / Australia

Freshdirect- Native Advertising Examples

FreshDirect / USA

Scotch Lamb - Native Advertising Examples

Scotch Lamb / UK

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