Native Advertising Solutions

Target Grocery Buyers and Household Cooks within the content they reading by leveraging a Native Advertising Strategy.

Gourmet Ads Native Creative Ad Units are seamlessly integrated into the natural look and feel of the web pages in which they are placed. By matching the visual design of the website experience and function just like natural content they often perform well.

For Managed Services clients we run a wide range of Native Advertising formats across thousands of food websites. Many clients are able to utilize the creatives they have used for popular social networking sites.

Native Advertising Solutions
Native Advertising Vegetables

For our own Managed Publishers we offer a Large Format In-feed Unit which is located within the body content of an article, blog or recipe. The Native Ad Unit features;

  • Large image sized 1200×627
  • Title
  • Description
  • Click Through URL

Click here to see a sample of our Native Ad Unit 

Native Ads are designed to complement the look and feel of a publisher’s website, as such as we request a number of required elements, however each website’s native execution is different.

Our Native Ad Specs comply with OpenRTB Specs and for most advertisers they can use the same native ads they use for popular social networking websites. We host all Native Ad Units in our Ad Server.

We typically run a Native Ad InFeed Unit, however for the highest reach and scale, we suggest providing all the following elements.



Main Image JPG or PNG
150kb Maximum File Size
Recommended resolution 1200px x 628px
1.91:1 aspect ratio

Sometimes referred to as Title and considered the most important part of the native ad unit.
25 Characters Maximum


The Description is the supporting or additional copy that is often displayed under the Headline.
Maximum 140 characters. May be truncated.
Description does always show up on all websites.

Click URL The destination when the ad is clicked on. Can include UTM Codes if required.
Brand Name

Exactly as you want it to appear including spelling, spacing, and capitalization.
The name of the brand associated with the advertisement.
Can be the actual brand of the parent company of the brand.
140 Characters Maximum

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