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CPMV / vCPM – 100% Viewability

CPMV Viewability

Gourmet Ads now offers both Programmatic Buyers, Media Buying Agencies and Brands Direct the ability to buy inventory with 100% Viewability Guaranteed via our CPMV product.

CPMV or vCPM is the pricing model for only buying Viewable Ad impressions.

CPMV is best suited to buyers who are seeking;

  • 100% Viewability Rate without the Risk
  • Double the Average CTR Rate
  • Increased Attribution due to “View through” Conversions

We remove the media buying risk and allow you to only pay for impressions deemed 100% in view. Let the Appnexus algorithm decide. Our initial buyers that tested CPMV across Gourmet Ads consistently saw 100% viewability and aggregated data shows consistently a 0.213% CTR rate for all the CPMV Deals we’ve had running. Clearly twice the average CTR expected for display.

How does CPMV / 100% Viewability work?

We traffic a CPMV Deal ID (or Campaign on a direct basis) which our ad server starts serving impressions for your campaign. The impressions begin serving only on placements that are more that often likely to be in view. When your ad comes in to view, then you pay for that impression. In the case that your impression does not come in to view, then you don’t pay for that impression. Think of CPMV like a CPA campaign i.e. you only pay for the acquisition. In this case the acquisition is the 100% viewable impression.

Programmatic Buyers using CPMV can still use your own First Party Audience Data, we basically traffic a Deal ID that you add to your campaign and all your existing targeting is included.


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