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Appnexus Packages – Let’s Make a Deal

Programmatic Based Deal PackagesRecently I was invited by Appnexus CEO Bryan O’Kelly to be a speaker at the annual Appnexus European Summit, where I helped launch their brand new Packages feature. The highlight of our presentation, together with Edward Thomas from Accuen London, was to execute the world’s fastest Programmatic deal, which we did in 4 minutes and 38 seconds.What are Packages and how can they help you?Appnexus Packages (you'll need an Appnexus Console Login...Continue Reading>>

Alcohol Category Open on RTB

Alcohol Category Open on RTB Gourmet Ads now allows Alcohol Brands to Bid On Inventory in Real TimeMany publishers and exchanges right around the world pro actively block advertisers classified in the Alcohol Category (understandably content frequented by minors). However being a food and wine based ad network we very much...Continue Reading>>

Deal ID – Now a Reality

Deal ID – Now a RealityDeal ID Now Changes the Game for RTB Enabled BuyersI’ve previously written about Deal ID within the RTB / Exchange Ecosystem, (see What’s the Deal with Deal ID) where I discussed the lack of wide spread support for Deal ID across various DSPs, Exchanges and SSPs....Continue Reading>>