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Deal ID – Now a Reality

Deal ID – Now a Reality

Deal ID Now Changes the Game for RTB Enabled Buyers

I’ve previously written about Deal ID within the RTB / Exchange Ecosystem, (see What’s the Deal with Deal ID) where I discussed the lack of wide spread support for Deal ID across various DSPs, Exchanges and SSPs. From our perspective, the major challenge we’ve experienced with executing Private Exchange arrangements has been on the technical side with many DSPs and Ad Exchanges not being able to fully leverage the order from the buyer. In some cases we’ve not even be able to go live with a Private Exchange order because of platform limitations.

Taking full advantage of the Cox Digital Solutions platform, we’re now able to setup Deal ID with RTB enabled buyers on our biddable inventory. Our initial plan with Deal ID is to allow trusted buyers to be able to buy on a First Look basis, providing our Deal ID partners the very best inventory possible. Right now the Deal ID integration will trump our Appnexus Exchange.

Longer term we’re looking at Deal ID to create customized segments for buyers like ad units like 300x600s, Background Skins, Above the Fold only, as well as content based segments like only Recipe related pages. Depending on demand by buyers, we may eventually drill down to cuisine or food categories content areas, like only Breakfast content etc.

Deal ID will help brands early on in the buying cycle to position their content alongside relevant content, in our case, recipe and food content. So for brands undertaking product launches, rebranding or simple branding to a target audience, there is no better way to reach Grocery buyers online than with real time bidding on the Gourmet Ads network uk academic essay writing companies. The best way to think about Deal ID is effectively “reserving the space” prior to bidding on the inventory.

Setting Up Deal ID with Gourmet Ads

If you’re an RTB enabled buyer and interested in setting up buying with Deal ID, then first request a copy of our RTB & Programmatic Advertising Solutions to understand what inventory we make available in our exchange environment. Then as part of the request please detail your interest in Deal ID as well as what campaigns you’re looking at running and your DSP of choice.

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