Fast Food Ads

Despite having the term “gourmet” in our company name, we occasionally run fast food campaigns across our managed supply. We do of course allow publishers to exclude them if they wish i.e. its not a great look when a Fast Food Ad for a burger is shown on Diet Website.

These days, the term “Fast Food” comes in many varieties. Gone is the notion that Fast Food is always unhealthy. There is of course the burgers, sandwiches, fried chicken, pizzas and burritos. But around the world there the trend of healthy fast food is rapidly growing, which has somewhat forced traditional fast food brands to innovate and provide healthier meal options.

Brands running Fast Foods Ads typically include the following elements

  • Brand Logo

  • A Deal of sorts

  • Low Pricing

  • Exceptional Food Photography

  • Bright colours Large Fonts

  • The Phrase “Limited time Only”

  • Call to Action

Recently we’ve also seen the inclusion of “Order Now” as home delivery services begin to be offered from fast food brands as well as 3rd party delivery services like UberEats.

Recent Fast Foods Ads

Fast Food - Pizza Hut - 300x600
Fast Food - Burger King - 300x600
Fast Food - McDonalds - 300x600
Fast Food - Little Cesars - 300x600
Fast Food - Subway - 300x600
Fast Food - Chipotle - 300x600
Fast Food - McDonalds - 300x600
Fast Food - Arby's - 300x600

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