Legal Drinking Age Compliance

In the USA, LDA Compliant (Legal Drinking Age Compliance) is regulated by the Distilled Spirit Council of the United States. The Distilled Spirit Council of the United States sets a code of responsible practices for advertising and marketing. Alcohol brands have the ability to reach consumers on a multitude of digital platforms these days and reaching more potential consumers than ever before. The key is to do so while following self-regulated and responsible placement guidelines.

What is LDA Compliant?

LDA Compliance is where Alcohol advertising (beers, wines, spirits, liquors) should only be placed where 71.6% of audiences is reasonably expected to be of legal purchase age which is (numbers of persons 21 and older, and persons under 21). The LDA Compliance of 71.6% has been in place since 2011 and is self-regulated across the digital advertising industry.

How do we target with LDA Compliant Requirements?

Running a digital campaign where LDA Compliance is a client requirement can limit the volumes available to run.  At Gourmet Ads when required, we choose to two techniques to ensure that a client’s targeted audience falls above the requirement of 71.6% of legal purchase age.

  1. Declared Audience Data – We only use declared audience data only from reputalte 3rd Party Sources to target audiences 21 Years or Greater
  2. Brand Safe Approach – We use a negative contextual targeting option around terms pertaining to children. Ie Exclude content.

this allows to us to know with absolute confidence that we’ll be LDA Compliant.

Apart from booking advertising campaigns which are LDA Compliant, many Alcohol brands, will go one step further and do two things to ensure they, themselves only have website visitors with an audience falling above the requirement of 71.6% of legal purchase age. Alcohol brands will implement;

  1. Age verification on their website / landing page
  2. Age verification within the advertising creative

Whilst there is not no law or regulations that requires Alcohol brands to implement age verification, many do so to ensure they are LDA Complaint by the Distilled Spirit Council of the United States.

LDA Complaint & Gourmet Ads

Gourmet Ads can help you with your LDA Complaint Advertising Campaigns and we can run both Programmatic campaigns via Deals or via our Managed Services offering.

Let’s Get Started ! 

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