What is Video Completion Rate?

Video Completion Rate is a video advertising metric represented as a percentage. It indicates the number of times that a video plays to the end. The Video Completion Rate Benchmark which is widely accepted by advertisers and their advertising agencies would be 70%. Video Completion Rate is usually measured in the ad server or a 3rd party verification provider.

Apart from video viewability, video completion rate would be the key metric when determining campaign success for your video advertising campaign. Also, programmatic display CTR benchmarks are yet another important metric for measuring the success of display advertising campaigns.

Things that contribute to lower Video Completion Rates include video duration (ie too long), content not engaging or not relevant, video player not viewable, video taking too long to load, video player too large and other network related congestion issues.

What is CPG

Consumer package goods (CPG) are things that people commonly buy and consume. The video completion rate is an important indicator for CPG firms to use to assess the performance of their video advertising initiatives. By developing captivating content, comprehending their target audience, and utilizing data-driven insights