Optimizing Video Completion Rate

A high video completion rate for video ads is very important for advertisers. Not only do Search Engines (like Google or Bing) algorithm favor video content, but Instream Video, Native Video Ads and Outstream Video ads tend to be extremely successful when compared to non-video ads. However, the biggest challenge comes down to reaching a high video completion rate. When a viewer sits through an entire ad by choice, that usually means they are interested in the content and more likely to convert.

So how can one increase video complete rates for ads? It’s actually quite simple. In this quick guide, we’ll break down a few basic premises towards optimizing your video ad completion rate to be over 70%.

Optimize Your Video Completion Rate to Reach 70%

Buy Video Advertising on a 100% Cost Per Completed View

The goal of any video ad is to have the highest possible completion rate. When a viewer bounces from the ad prematurely, it is very likely that the ad was not successful or the viewer was not interested. Advertisers have to pay for click conversions for non-video ads, so why should one pay for a video ad if it is not viewed to completion by a lead? Only buy video advertising that requires a payout when a viewer watches the video ad to completion.

Setup Deal IDs with Auto Optimization

For Programmatic bought campaigns, ensure you setup Deal IDs leveraging 70% Completion Rate as core KPI. This will overtime only send impressions to your DSP that are going to have a high video completion rate.

Consider a Mix of Short-Form and Long-Form Video

Short-form videos are more likely to have a 100% completion rate. However, it can be difficult to really provide valuable information or deliver a deeper brand story with very short videos. While long-form videos tend to be difficult when it comes to reaching a high completion rate, they do better at pulling in engagement from viewers. For your video ad campaign, use a good ratio of short and long video advertisements.

Exclude Websites and Video Placements with Low Completion Rates

When looking into publishers that will place your ads on their blogs or websites, take the time to manually exclude websites or video placements that have low video completion rates. Sometimes, banner video ads can be unsuccessful when it comes to completion rates. Just as well, certain publisher audiences may not be as open to watching a video ad to completion. Take the time to research your publishers and look into outstream or native video ad options.

Exclude Devices and Operating Systems with Low Completion Rates

Just like publishers and ad placements, certain devices and operating systems might result in predictably low completion rates for video ads. Manually exclude devices or operating systems that have low video completion rates from the get-go. Gourmet Ads makes this process very easy via the platform.

Leverage Supply-Side Deals

By leveraging supply-side deal IDs that have KPIs set to hit 70% automatically, you’re setting your video ads up for success from the beginning. Gourmet Ads uses this technique via our Smart Deals logic which uses automated deal optimization. With this tool, advertisers can set their own goals using KPIs that predict viewability, video completion rate, and video viewability rate.

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