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Programmatic Media Buyer

More and more businesses and advertisers are becoming interested in becoming a programmatic media buyer. But what exactly does this mean? Should advertising stay traditional, or should automation take over? Let’s take a look.

What is a Programmatic Media Buyer?

The process of programmatic media buying may seem complex, but it’s actually quite simple. To start, it helps to understand what programmatic advertising is.

Programmatic Advertising is the process of using automation to buy media, which in this case would be advertising space. This is done instead of more common methods of digital advertising. Programmatic media buyers will use things like data, algorithms, or market research in order to target a very specific user at the right time, all for a decent price. Programmatic advertising pros and cons should be considered before implementation in your marketing strategy.

The process of programmatic media buying can be broken down into three different forms.

  • Real time bidding involves deciding inventory costs via auctions in real time. Any publisher, marketer, or advertiser can bid. This form of programmatic media buying is often the most affordable and is also the approach we take at Gourmet Ads, along with Direct Programmatic.
  • Direct Programmatic. In this case, auctions are bypassed completely and media is sold to buyers at a cost per mille (or CPM).
  • Private Marketplace. PMPs are like open auctions, but there are strict restrictions in place on who can bid. Specifically selected advertisers are allowed to bid, but many publishers will allow programmatic media buyers to apply for an invitation.

Programmatic advertising will involve a variety of components, including sell-side platforms (SSP), demand-side platforms (DSP), and ad exchanges. In most cases, ad inventory is purchased via real-time auctions on a per-impression basis. By automating an often tedious and complex process, programmatic media buying makes it quicker and more efficient for buyers to find the right publishers.

Essentially, a programmatic media buyer is someone who uses technology to automate the process of buying ad space in real-time.

Gourmet Ads Can Take on Advertiser KPIs With Ease

Gourmet Ads offers managed services for programmatic media buyers. We technically do not offer programmatic advertising— this is where advertisers will utilize their own DSP to run the campaign and most of the time, the targeting process is left in the hands of the buyer. Out managed services, also known as Direct IO, involve getting permission from advertisers to buy media through PMP or Deal ID. Gourmet Ads also manages everything in our DSP from the very beginning to the final report.

Gourmet Ads helps programmatic media buyers get connected with publishers and potential customers with highly effective campaigns.

These campaigns target the food and wine industry, which tends to deal with complexities in terms of advertising. Media planning questions are essential for the success of advertising campaigns. One simply can’t toss specialized food ads out into the internet with no real idea of who is being targeted. Through programmatic managed services campaigns, Gourmet Ads makes it easier than ever before to get in touch with specific customer bases at the right time.

To start, our team will use your campaign idea to start a media plan to break down your KPIs in an easy-to-understand way, along with how we plan on achieving them. This plan will show buyers where their campaign will go and the recommended budget. We’ll also take on the task of prospecting new clients, taking the automated process of finding a target market a step further. Gourmet Ads uses a unique set of buying models and sets optimizations at cost per acquisition, cost per click, click-through rate, viewability rate, and video completion rate. Through real-time optimization and machine learning, inventory is constantly evaluated for the benefit of buyers. With people and machines, we’re using the best available practices for programmatic media buying.

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