Spring Advertising

Spring is in the air, and advertisers should take advantage of the changing of the seasons and a new batch of upcoming holidays. While spring isn’t home to some of the more food and drink-intensive holidays for Americans during the year, it’s still a great time of year for advertising. To achieve your advertising goals, you should start working well ahead of time. From determining your audience to making your banner ad design, there are some tasks that you can complete before the time. So, you should not waste time and focus on your advertising campaign.

Not sure where to start when it comes to spring advertising? Let’s break down a few spring advertising ideas.

Spring Advertising Ideas

If you’re interested in crafting a general springtime ad campaign, there are a few tips to keep in mind in order to stay on-brand this season.

  • Use vibrant, pastel hues as you color themes for banner and video ads.
  • Focus of themes of rebirth, freshness, gentleness, and joy.
  • Consider using tax season as a way to advertise during the springtime.
  • Try promoting holidays that may not be as popular, especially if you advertise internationally.
  • Start working outdoor activities in your ad campaign now, rather than later on down the road for your summer campaign.

Valentine’s Day Advertising Ideas

February 14th is celebrated around the world as a celebration of love. There are some great ways to advertise during this time, particularly to couples.

  • Run deals that focus on “2-for-1”, especially if you’re in the food and wine industry. This season is all about couples.
  • Add romantic elements and symbolism to your social media accounts, such as hearts, red and pink color themes, etc.
  • Send Valentine’s day cards to your established customers to maintain brand awareness.
  • Focus on “date night” activities and relevant products.

Mardi Gras Advertising Ideas

February 20th through the 26th is Mardi Gras, a week-long holiday celebrated in Latin American as well as the New Orleans area of the U.S. It’s definitely a festive time and could be a great theme for an ad campaign.

  • Design signature Mardi Gras cocktails using some of your products as ingredients.
  • Design signature Mardi Gras and New Orleans-style recipes that focus on seafood, jambalaya, po-boys, etc.
  • Utilize the vibrant purple, gold, and green colors of Mardi Gras and incorporate them into your ad campaigns.
  • Add some Mardi Gras and Creole trivia to your ad campaigns to boost engagement.

Saint Patrick’s Day Advertising Ideas

March 17th is a party for most Americans that celebrate. Water advertising in the spring is a marketing strategy that encourages the use of water in various forms, such as bottled water, mineral water, and flavored water, to refresh and hydrate people during the warmer months. If you’re in the food and liquor industries, Saint Patty’s Day should be a high point in terms of advertising.

  • Green, green, and greener. This is green’s time to shine, and marketers should use it as the base for their ad campaigns.
  • Get creative with traditional or modern Irish recipes.
  • Patrick’s Day is a pretty alcohol-heavy holiday, especially in Ireland and the United States. Advertise some cocktails, as well as mocktails for consumers who don’t drink.
  • Use a “luck of the draw” promo to reach out to your customers with a mystery discount.

Mother’s Day Advertising Ideas

Mother’s day occurs at various times each year in May and is, clearly, the celebration of moms, motherhood, and fertility.

  • Don’t be afraid to rely heavily on advertising visuals that focus on mothers and children.
  • Use soft, pastel tones for ad color schemes.
  • Advertise comfort food, classic home cooking, and other recipes to inspire moms and their adult children who want to treat their mothers to a nostalgic meal.
  • Invest in more emotional marketing for this holiday– the payoff is there in ways it isn’t for, say, Mardi Gras or St. Patrick’s Day.

Easter Advertising Ideas

April 12th is a Christian holiday marking the resurrection of Jesus. However, Easter has taken on a whole different aesthetic and celebratory practices that are practiced around the world.

  • Use bright, pastel, and vivid color schemes as well as plenty of white and blue.
  • Depending on your target market, use modern Easter symbols like bunnies, eggs, flowers, etc., or more angelic Christian imagery.
  • Easter may not be well-known for the food people eat during the holiday, so why not do some research on ancient recipes from Jerusalem?
  • Easter is a great time to hold special sales, so consider implementing an Easter weekend sale or discount.

Passover Advertising Ideas

April 8th through the 16th marks the Jewish holiday of Passover, known as a time of gift-giving, feasting, and family. Food vendors should really keep their thumb on the pulse of advertising for this particular holiday.

  • Craft recipes that are based on traditional Passover dishes but with a more modern flair for younger readers.
  • Play up your kosher food and drink products and give them more visibility during this week.
  • During Passover, anything containing grains and water (chametz) is not consumed. Try to avoid heavily advertising such products.
  • Advertising alcohol can be tricky in this regard, but some products like tequila and brandy (as long as they are certified kosher) are worth advertising during Passover.