Mother’s Day Advertising

Mother’s Day is an annual celebration that honors the role that mothers play in their families as leaders, protectors, and nurturers. Observed in dozens of nations internationally, Mothers Day usually occurs in either March or May. For advertisers, the occasion represents a great opportunity to market products and services to mothers of any age.

From flowers to boxes of chocolates and from restaurant meals to gift baskets, Mother’s Day is a time of year when men, women, and children show the mothers in their lives how special they are. From a Media Planning and Buying Perspective, Gourmet Ads recommends that brands launch their Mother’s Day Advertising sooner rather than later to effectively engage and influence Grocery Buyers using Contextual Targeting and Audience Segments.

Mother’s Day Advertising Strategies & Targeting

From a Media Planning and Buying perspective, Gourmet Ads recommends for brands wanting to engage and influence Grocery Buyers using Contextual Targeting and Audience Targeting for their Mother’s Day Advertising Campaign.

Mother’s Day Contextual Targeting

  • Mother’s Day Content
  • Gift Content
  • Holiday Recipes

Mother’s Day Audience Segments

These segments can be used uncoupled in your own DSP

  • Holiday Cooks
  • Grocery Buyers

Mother’s Day Campaign Options

Mother’s Day Dates  

Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May each year

  • 2024 – 12th May
  • 2025 – 11th May
  • 2026 – 10th May
  • 2027 – 9th May

Mother’s Day Ads 

Here are some of the Mother’s Day Ads we’ve run across Gourmet Ads.

Mother's Day Ads M&Ms 300x600
Mothers Day Ads Macys 300x600

Celebrating Mother’s Day

Women, men, and children buy all sorts of things for Mother’s Day. Bouquets of flowers are popular, but so too are food and drink options. For your Mother’s Day Advertising, you might sell bouquets of freshly cut roses for half price at your place of business as a special promotion. For restaurants, you could launch an offer where mothers get discounted meals. Another idea would be to plan a creative marketing event such as a pre-Mother’s Day wine or champagne tasting event. Remember that your Mother’s Day Advertising needs to appeal not only to women, but also to men and children who will do a lot of the buying for the special day. Specialized targeting on these occasions gives you an edge over your competitors. Many big brands use champagne targeting on Mother’s Day to reach their consumers.

People celebrate Mother’s Day in different ways. Some families gather for a shared meal in private homes while others head to restaurants for food, drink, and festivities. Adults sometimes drink alcoholic beverages and may offer toast to honor mothers in attendance. So special promotions for liquors, meats, potatoes, pies, and other popular foods make sense.

History of Mother’s Day

Woodrow Wilson, the 28th president of the U.S., signed a proclamation in 1914 to officially recognize Mother’s Day as an annual memorial to be held on the second Sunday in May. This development came after a campaign launched by peace activist Anna Marie Jarvis, who started Mother’s Day in 1908. Recalling that her mother had often called for the establishment of a day to honor mothers, Jarvis, after her mother died, campaigned to do just that.

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