Holiday Advertising

Q4 is by far the biggest time of years for advertising, as there are a number of holidays that occur during this time. Add to this each holiday season, we see a significant increase of our available ad inventory fully organically by around 35%.

By basing one’s advertising campaign on trends found within each specific holiday, especially through the use of an Advertising Calendar, you’ll be able to hit your target audience when they need your holiday-specific products.

The following are the central celebrations or events to consider for targeted advertising.

Thanksgiving Advertising

In America specifically, Thanksgiving is by far the most major holiday when it comes to creating and consuming recipe content. The closer it gets to late November, the more consumers desire food-related instructions and inspiration.

We’d suggest starting to plan your promotions and campaigns around middle to late August. Thanksgiving ads should be launched and run around early to mid-November.

Black Friday Advertising

Black Friday campaigns should be brainstormed and drafted around the middle of August, and promotions should be planned as well. Black Friday campaigns should start launching around the middle of November.

Cyber Monday Advertising

Cyber Monday, which falls on the Monday after Thanksgiving, is an e-commerce madhouse. Some believe Cyber Monday will eventually make Black Friday obsolete. As such, you’ll need to take advantage of advertising for this event.

Start planning your promotions and advertising campaigns around mid-August, and begin running those campaigns around mid-November.

Hanukkah Advertising

Hanukkah dinners and gatherings are becoming more modern, and those who celebrate want to find hot new recipes for this holiday.

Hanukkah ads should be brainstormed around the end of August. It would be wise to start running Hanukkah ads directly after Cyber Monday.

Christmas Advertising

Christmas is the big one in Q4, so make sure you start the lengthy and in-depth process of planning and drafting your Christmas ad campaigns and promotions around the end of August. Continue to revisit trends in advertising for Q4 until Cyber Monday, and launched your Christmas ads the next day.

New Year’s Advertising

New Year’s Day is another big one for food and wine advertisers, as people will be planning boozy get-togethers with niche unique cocktails.

Start planning your New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day advertising sometime around the middle to the end of November. Start launching your ads around mid-December and kick up your ad spend around three days before the holiday.

Holiday Advertising Solutions

Each holiday season, Gourmet Ads organically increases our ad inventory by around 35%. That’s a significant increase. And each season, we see more consumers searching for things like recipes and cooking instructions. Consumers will also often shop for food items while exploring such recipes.

Our Programmatic targeting options for Q4 include:

  • Thanksgiving Recipes & Content
  • Christmas Recipes & Content
  • Cocktail & Mocktail Recipes
  • Holiday Recipes & Content
  • Couponing & Discount Content
  • Gift Content & Product Reviews

With a variety of ad formats and sizes, you’ll be able to amp up your campaign performance with just a little help from us. Check out our Advertising Calendar for more information!

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