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Top 10 Food Blogs

Food and supermarket advertisers are always seeking fresh methods to ramp up their advertising campaigns. Furthermore, they require performance, whether it be viewability or click-through rate. With several good food blog websites on the internet, it is really hard to get down to only 10 food blogs. However, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 food blogs, which we recommend to get inspiration.

Gourmet Ads works with a diverse range of food websites in a variety of ways, including managing their whole inventory, collaborating with other Food Websites through our curated Supply, and purchasing other food websites programmatically for advertising. The internet is brimming with high-quality websites for food advertisers to collaborate with, particularly in the food, beverage, alcohol, and grocery shopping categories. That’s why, we have worked on it and find top 10 food blogs websites.

What is Food Blogging?

Food blogging is a type of cuisine journalism that combines gourmet food interests, blog writing, and food photography. Food blogs are typically authored by food enthusiasts, also known as “foodies,” and can be utilized professionally to earn a profit by the blogger. These are the bloggers who cook a lot and share their cooking experiences even on Facebook cooking shows. It could be anything from a blog that details very genuine recipes to experiential meals or anything else that one is making. Not only food bloggers but food advertising agency also posts food blogs for advertisements.

Food bloggers usually write restaurant reviews and share their experiences on their blogs or social media handle. They go into great depth, ensuring that the images are of good quality and that the text they present is genuine. As a food blogger, you must tell a story with your photos, and personal life experiences. A food blogger is a self-employed individual who often does not work for a larger newspaper but instead publishes information on a variety of culinary issues. This could involve tasting particular foods, trying recipes in their own kitchens, or visiting a specific kind of restaurant. It is crucial for a food blogger to be a strong writer, especially since they frequently self-publish their content without any editorial control.

Food Blogging for Advertisers:

Food blogging has become a hobby for many people in this digital world. Many food bloggers post their content on websites to share their recipes. The power of food blog advertising lies in the ability to reach a large and diverse audience. The popularity of blogging has spread to every industry, including the real estate, travel, and business sectors. Food blogging has evolved from a simple means of exchanging recipes to a fiercely competitive industry. Some bloggers from all around the world have been able to turn their love of food into successful enterprises. We absolutely love Canadian food bloggers. There is no shortage of talented food bloggers in Canada, and with so many creative cooks in the kitchen. They spread awareness about food. Food advertisers and food marketing agencies take the help of these food bloggers to promote the brand. There are several food blogs on the internet. The criteria of each website are different to rank these food blogs. It was difficult to rank the top 10 food blogs so we contacted the Gourmet Ads team. We have reached out to their publishing, sales, and operations teams to help us in identifying good food blogs. Gourmet Ads also helped in campaign performance and audience number. That’s how we come up with the top 10 food websites that should be added to every campaign.

Top 10 Food Blogging Websites for Advertising Campaigns:

Some best international food blogs are shown below. And who knows, you might be motivated and start your own food blog.

Inspired Taste

Inspired Taste is a food blogging website and channel. Adam and Joanne are the creator and publishers of this website. They make delicious recipes and post them on their channel. They make vegetarian, low-carb, dairy-free, light, and vegan food. Both of them have an obsession with food, and they both take great pride in their full-time jobs as food bloggers. They aim to encourage others to use their healthy recipes in the kitchen.

Smitten Kitchen

Smitten Kitchen started from a small kitchen in New York City. The Smitten Kitchen is a 14-year-old culinary blog that champions successful but straightforward cooking. It aspires to be the spot where you go to discover your newest culinary obsession. In terms of appearance, the Smitten Kitchen resembles a half-galley with a shaky peeling cart utilized as a cooking surface. The most recent recipe is always found at the top of the front page. All of the recipes are arranged in various ways on the Recipes page.

Cookie + Kate 

Cookie + Kate has the best blog on healthy food. Promote whole foods with new vegetarian dishes. Popular vegetarian cooking blog Cookie and Kate ( encourages the consumption of wholesome, natural foods. The editors of Saveur Magazine named Cookie and Kate a finalist for “Best Cooking Blog,” and The Kitchen, Food and Wine, and Better Homes and Gardens, among other publications, have all featured the blog online.

Simply Recipes

Elise Bauer is the creator of the cookery site Simply Recipes. Bauer started the blog in 2003 to keep track of her relatives’ cooking. In 2016 Fexy Media purchased Simply Recipes, and in 2020 Dotdash did the same. Simply Recipes make it easier and more enjoyable to prepare delectable meals. It provides culinary tips and recipes written by home cooks for home cooks.

David Lebovitz

Lebovitz is a specialist in everything related to food and drink, as evidenced by the several books he has written. Every recipe on the David Lebovitz blog provides a mouthwatering look into his Parisian life and culinary travels. The recipes feature several of his childhood favorites from the US, including Boston Cream Pie, even though it is evident that French food is his biggest pleasure.

Minimalist Baker

A must-read for anyone who wants to make their cooking straightforward is Minimalist Baker. Every recipe on the website can be made in under 30 minutes, with a single pan, and with no more than ten ingredients. All three of those requirements are met by this simple one-pot black bean soup. Users may quickly identify recipes that suit their diets thanks to a color-coded key that shows which ones each meal is compatible with.

Pinch of Yum

The tagline of Pinch of Yum, a blog that seeks to offer intriguing but approachable recipes, is “Simple recipes developed for real, actual, everyday life.” There are numerous ways to browse recipes on the website, including by ingredient, diet, meal type, etc. The blog’s creator, Lindsay, initially started it as a hobby but ultimately left her job as a teacher to build it into a company.

The Recipe Critic

The site was established in 2012 as a platform for the cofounder to showcase her love of cooking. Alyssa, the co-founder, enjoys experimenting with new ideas and testing them out on her family. She firmly thinks that each recipe has been tried, tested, and approved by her family. She works to create useful and simple family-friendly recipes on her website that may bring every family together at the dinner table and is inspired by cookbooks, other food blogs, periodicals, and family recipes.

101 Cookbooks

A culinary site called 101 Cookbooks focuses on simple, healthful meals. More than 700 vegetarian and whole-foods recipes are included in this site. Heidi Swanson’s 101 Cookbooks is a cooking blog from California that specializes in simple, healthful recipes. Heidi loves to cook and wants to help you incorporate nutritious foods and a lot of vegetables into your daily meals. The home cook is the target audience for Heidi.

Half Baked Harvest

Tieghan Gerard’s recipes have won the hearts of millions of readers of the Half Baked Harvest blog and best-selling books thanks to its wholesome decadence, uncomplicated approach, and clever alterations of traditional comfort foods. Feel-good food, according to Tieghan, isn’t about dieting. It’s about eating authentic, flavorful cuisine and the enjoyment of sharing it with others you care about. Giving your body and cravings what they need whether that’s a light, vegetable-packed dish or a big ol’ plate of something comforting is the key to finding balance.