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Gourmet Ads targets its fast food advertising towards its busy adult audience

Fast food restaurants have long targeted advertising toward children; however, fast food advertising aimed at bringing in adult customers can be a far more effective strategy. Fast food establishments are often patronized not by hungry kids hoping for a fun new toy, but by busy working adults who are looking for a quick way to satisfy their hunger or feed their families. While the negative side of fast food advertising is often spot lighted in the media, the fact is that consumers are still looking for a quick way to grab a meal on the go, and fast food provides just that. As fast food chains grow increasingly aware of the demand for healthier fast food alternatives, launching an online fast food advertising campaign aimed at adults is the ideal way to remind customers that they can enjoy the food they love as part of a healthy lifestyle.

While Gourmet Ads does not accept advertising designed to appeal to children, such as ads that feature cartoon or animated characters, our network is ideal for advertising designed to show adults how they can enjoy fast food. Research shows that many consumers are looking for ways to eat healthier, and the Gourmet Ads audience is no exception. Our audience is made up of busy adults searching for fast ways to feed their families and themselves, and fast food advertising can fit the bill. Fast food restaurants have added many healthy options to their menus, such as chicken sandwiches that are lower in calories than burgers, and a large number of fast food restaurants offer at least a few health side items such as fruit and vegetables. Many consumers aren’t aware of these options, and fast food advertising designed to promote awareness of healthy items is well received by the Gourmet Ads audience.

Healthier options is the focus for many of the Fast Food Advertising on Gourmet Ads

Another area where Gourmet Ads can help with your fast food advertising campaign is by targeting parents who want to satisfy their children’s desire for fast food while still providing them with healthy meals. Many of our audience members are parents, and we understand their needs and their concerns- busy parents who must feed children as they run from activity to activity is a major worry for many of our readers, and fast food advertising that explains how to make fast food healthier is an ideal fit.  For example, advertising the healthy options that can be included in children’s meals can catch the eye of parents and can influence their choice of fast food restaurants. If your restaurant offers apples or another fruit instead of fries, provides milk and juice or low-sugar drinks, or has low calorie choices for kid’s meals, Gourmet Ads can place your ad in front of the eyes of these busy moms and dads.

Fast food advertising to adults isn’t as simple as creating an eye-catching character that will make kids ask for happy meals, instead, it requires showing them how healthy foods can be part of a convenient meal. Fast food restaurants who are committed to offering their customers healthier options can promote awareness among customers by focusing their fast food advertising campaigns towards that on the Gourmet Ads network.

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