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Advertising Contactless Delivery

Ever since the Coronavirus outbreak across the world, we’ve seen brands rapidly turn around their operations (ie normal dine in restaurants now offering pickup or delivery) but we’ve seen major brands turn around the advertising to support these operational changes. Whilst we’ve done a lot of Coronavirus Advertising on Healthy Ads, for Gourmet Ads its really been around food brands changing the way they do food delivery, ie Contactless Delivery.

So what exactly is Contactless Delivery?

Generally speaking, Contactless Delivery means that the food you order is prepared, packed and delivered under the strictest health and safety standards and procedures possible. Contactless Delivery is very much is a two-way street in the fact that the food driver is protected from the person receiving the food delivery and the other is the person receiving the delivery is protected form the delivery driver.

In many ways Contactless Delivery is split into two parts Food Preparation and Food Delivery.

Food Preparation

Contactless Delivery is starts when food is being prepared, i.e. comes out of the pizza oven it is immediately cut and put in the box without being touched by human hands. Some food brands are sealing the pizza box or plastic container with a seal or sticker. The pizza boxes or food containers are then placed into paper bag and sealed again, then in some cases into insulated bag or esky for delivery.

Food Delivery

For Contactless Delivery, when the driver arrives at the delivery address, the delivery person will leave the food at the door, move away (at least 1.5 meters or 5 feet away) and then ring the doorbell or call you to tell you the food has arrived. The delivery driver will wait for you to collect the food then leave.

Advertising Contactless Delivery

In the last 2 weeks Gourmet Ads has seen a major up tick in food and grocery brands Advertising Contactless Delivery within their advertising creative. For some brands it is the major part of the messaging and give the current environment is the most important factor. Advertising Contactless Delivery reinforces that the brand is open, is delivery and is keeping you safe.


Sample Contactless Delivery Advertising Creatives

Over the last 2 weeks here are some of the recent Contactless Delivery Advertising Creatives we’ve seen running across Gourmet Ads publishers.

Papa Johns 300x600 Contactless Delivery Advertising
Pizza Hut 300x600 Contactless Delivery Advertising
McDelivery 300x600 Contactless Delivery Advertising
Grubhub 970x250 Contactless Delivery Advertising

If you’d like help developing Contactless Delivery Advertising please contact the team at Gourmet Ads. Contactless Delivery is very much of our Food Delivery Targeting offeringYou can start by Downloading our Media Kit.

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