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Advertising on Foods Blogs

Advertising on Foods Blogs

Is your Brand Advertising on Foods Blogs

For the past few years, many food companies have been advertising on large recipe portals or recipe websites. Advertising with Gourmet Ads provides the ability to place your advertising on Food Blogs and Recipe websites. This is probably the best way to reach a truly targeted audience and certainly one of the most cost-effective ways to increase your sales.

Advertising on Foods Blogs hosts several other notable advantages over other advertising mediums, as well. For one thing, it is really easy to get your ad campaign started. You don’t have to hire expensive directors and actors or pay outrageous fees for photography (of course, you can if you want to). When you consider how long a customer is exposed to your Advertising on Foods Blogs as opposed to buying a 30 or 60 second spot on radio or TV, the cost is unbelievably inexpensive.

Food blogs tend to attract people who are really interested in cooking, we some times call them “Foodies”. Generally speaking this tends to be a highly targeted audience of people who are likely to purchase your food related product. Food Bloggers tend to be on the cutting edge and influential in marketing new food products and often lead trends, so these are the people you want to market new products and ideas to. Not to mention that if they like your product you are going to end up with some extra free advertising because they are highly likely to mention their experience with your product in their blog. Its the ultimate freebie for a food brand.

Getting your product advertised on food blogs also elevates your product’s image. Branding is everything when it comes to marketing food products and being viewed on a food blog does a lot more for your product’s image than a newspaper ad ever could. And since a blog reader is exposed to your ad for a longer period of time than a TV or radio ad, they are more likely to recognize your brand when they see it on a shelf full of competitors.

Advertising on Foods Blogs is Cost Effective and Ideal for a Product Launch

As Gourmet Ads represent some of the world’s best food blogs we can quickly and cost effectively launch your food product on a series of food blogs creating brand awareness and more importantly sales.

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