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Winter Advertising

Wintertime is one of the prime seasons for advertising, especially in America. Between Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Years, there are so many different opportunities to build ad campaigns around different types of products and brands. Many people order online food on these occasions and that’s why food blog advertising is even more important on these occasions.

If you’re stuck on how to change up your winter advertising this quarter, keep reading!

Winter Advertising Ideas

The U.S. and most countries around the globe love a good winter celebration. So many holidays occur during the wintertime for Americans that it makes sense why the season is such a big deal for advertisers, retailers, and merchants. But everyone is advertising during this time, so it’s important to brainstorm how to make your campaign stand out.

  • Keep things as bright as possible. When you think about it, winter is rigid and cold. By using bright color palettes and bright, warm themes for your ad campaign, you’re appealing to consumers’ most basic need.
  • Think about who your target audience is. Do they prefer a traditional setting that involves a Christmas tree with a rolling fire in a fireplace? How about a natural display of the beauty of wintertime in the woods? Or perhaps, scenery involving shopping, family, friends, etc? There are so many different visuals involved when it comes to wintertime, and not all target markets will appreciate a certain kind of imagery.
  • Always put your ads where people are looking for them. For the food and wine industry, always opt for programmatic advertising via banner, native, or video ads on food blogs. For winter specifically, try to get some of your winter recipe-specific products on blog pages that compile wintertime recipes.
  • Don’t be afraid to be unique. As we mentioned before, everyone is advertising right now. How can you stick with the winter theme and still stand out? What kind of advertising does your target market appreciate?
  • Keep things fun. Wintertime ads should never be too serious and should feature elements of familial love, friendship, thankfulness, hope, and joy.

Christmas Advertising Ideas

December 25th is one of the most well-known holidays in the world. It’s also an American holiday that advertisers try to target when it comes to gift-giving.

  • If you’re in the food and wine industry, advertise on Christmas recipe websites.
  • Take it a step further and use your own blogging or social media platforms to craft unique, modern twists on traditional recipes.
  • Everyone loves a cocktail, especially when it comes to Christmastime favorites like eggnog and horchata. Compile some great cocktail recipes with a creative Christmasy flair.
  • Don’t be afraid of getting creative with color palettes. Traditional red, green, white, light blue, and gold are what everyone is using in their ad campaigns. Think about how you can stick out while still being relevant to Christmas.

Hanukkah Advertising Ideas

December 10th through December 18th is the traditional holiday of Hanukkah. It’s a time known for being together with family and enjoying delicious feasts, making it a great time to advertise for food brands.

  • Consider sponsoring an event at a local Jewish community center or synagogue.
  • Hold special sales for kosher food and beverage products that your brand sells.
  • Partner with cooks, influencers, and recipe creators that focus on creating excellent Jewish recipes.
  • Focus less on gift-giving and shopping, as Hanukkah is not really known for this as much as Christmas.

Kwanzaa Advertising Ideas

December 26th through January 1st is a week-long celebration of African-American culture, complete with gift-giving and a feast of faith called Karamu Ya Imani.

  • There are so many different recipes associated with Kwanzaa, from peanut soup to chicken stew to sweet potato pie. Some Kwanzaa recipes are not very well known. Take advantage of this and get your ads on some more niche recipe pages.
  • Post interesting trivia about the origins of the holiday to pull interaction and interest in from social media followers.
  • Red, black, and green are traditional Kwanzaa colors that can set your brand apart in its advertising themes.

New Year’s Day Advertising Ideas

January 1st, as well as December 31st, is a popular globally-celebrated holiday that welcomes in the new year. It’s also prime real estate for brands that sell spirits and alcohol products.

  • Get crazy creative with your cocktail recipes around New Year’s Day. Everyone is looking for cocktail and beverage recipes for New Year’s parties, so it’s important to make your brand stand out.
  • The new year is a time to restart, make changes, and refresh. Hold an “inspiring quote” contest on social media to get people in the mood for New Year’s.
  • A New Year’s Day product promotion, such as a particular type of spirit, is always a smart move.
  • This is usually the time of year when everyone wants to get into shape and shed the pounds they gained from Thanksgiving and Christmas. However, it’s also a time for poor body image. Take a different route and hone your advertising in on body positivity instead.