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Find Your Amazon DSP Buyer Seat ID

Amazon DSP Buyer Seat IDs, or, as Amazon calls them, Deal Creation IDs, are available in all SSPs integrated with them.

This article will show you how to find your Amazon DSP Buyer Seat ID (or Deal Creation ID).

Why Do We Need an Amazon DSP Buyer Seat ID?

The Amazon DSP platform offers advertisers the ability to source Deal IDs with Publishers. This allows advertisers to target deals as part of their campaign line items.

These days, most SSPs like Microsoft Xandr map Buyer Seats IDs across all DSPs on a 1:1 basis. That is, the IDs in the SSP are the same on the sell side as the buy side. So when a publisher (or seller) sets up a deal for the advertiser, they will need an Amazon DSP Buyer Seat ID (or Deal Creation ID) and map the deal to that.

How to Find Your Amazon DSP Buyer Seat ID

1. When logged into Amazon DSP, click the gear button on the bottom left hand side:

2. Click Account Access & Settings:

3. Click on Products:

4. Click on Go to Amazon DSP Settings:

5. Now in the Advanced section, look under SSP seat IDs and search for Xandr to see the Deal Creation ID:

Finally, once you have located your Amazon DSP Buyer Seat ID / Deal Creation ID, simply provide this ID to your seller so they create a Deal ID. Depending on the SSP (Gourmet Ads uses Microsoft Advertising), the deals should be synced and available in your Amazon DSP for targeting.

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