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How to Find Your Amazon Merchant Token

In this article, we will define the Amazon Merchant Token and show you how to find yours.

What is the Amazon Merchant Token?

The Amazon Merchant Token is a private identifier, primarily used for integrating with Amazon’s API for advanced selling tools, such as automated inventory management or accessing detailed sales reports. The merchant token is typically a 15-digit unique identifier. 

In the most basic terms, the Amazon Merchant Token connects our Amazon DSP Account with your Amazon Seller Central account. 

Why is the Amazon Merchant Token so Important?

Before going live with your campaign running on the Amazon DSP, we need to configure your Advertiser Account with the Amazon Merchant Token. Once implemented, it allows us create a connection between the advertising line items with your sales conversion data.

The Amazon Merchant Token is instrumental in activating a suite of invaluable data sets. These are not ordinary metrics; they are the lifeblood of campaign optimization, offering a granular view into the effectiveness of each dollar spent. With the enablement of Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) analytics across all campaign facets—be it overarching strategy, individual line items, or creative assets—we’re afforded a lens through which to scrutinize and enhance campaign efficacy. This capability, often coming to full fruition within 24 hours of activation, is not merely a feature; it’s a game-changer, positioning ROAS not just as a metric, but as a compass guiding every strategic decision towards maximizing your advertising investment.

How to Find Your Amazon Merchant Token

1. Login into your Amazon Seller Central account.
2. To access your Amazon Merchant Token, visit this link directly.

Amazon Merchant Token

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