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How to Find Your Amazon Seller ID and Merchant ID

In this article, we will define the Amazon Seller ID and Merchant ID and show you how to find yours.

What are Seller ID and Merchant ID?

The Seller ID and Merchant ID are interchangeable terms referring to the unique identifier assigned to your Amazon seller account. The Seller ID is your account’s primary identifier, used internally by Amazon to track your transactions, listings and interactions on the platform.

How to Find Your Seller ID and Merchant ID

As mentioned above, Seller ID and Merchant ID are interchangeable terms. These IDs are publicly available. You can use these when creating special URLs that ensure that when you link to a product listing, it directs the visitor to your listing and not a third-party seller. It is also important for setting up conversion tracking for advertising campaigns.

To find your Seller ID, you can simply go to your storefront page.

First, find one of your product listings on Amazon.

Click Sold By [your company name] to view your About Seller page. This page shows your Seller ID in the URL: seller=XXXXXXXXXXXXX

If you also need your Marketplace ID (which is your ID for each marketplace, i.e.,,, etc.), click on Visit [your company name] Storefront.

On this page, the URL will once again show your Seller ID: me=XXXXXXXXXXXXX. Following that is your Marketplace ID for that particular Marketplace: marketplaceID=XXXXXXXXXXXXX

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