Food Advertising

Advertising Specifications

Gourmet Ads Advertising Specifications

Gourmet Ads accepts the following creative sizes;

Name Ad Size Max File Size Animation Duration Max Formats Accepted
Billboard 970×250 40k 30 seconds JPG/GIF/PNG/SWF/DHTML
Pushdown 970×90 40k 30 seconds JPG/GIF/PNG/SWF/DHTML
Half Page 300×600 40k 30 seconds JPG/GIF/PNG/SWF/DHTML
Medium Rectangle 300×250 40k 30 seconds JPG/GIF/PNG/SWF/DHTML
Leaderboard 728×90 40k 30 seconds JPG/GIF/PNG/SWF/DHTML
Skyscaper 160×600 40k 30 seconds JPG/GIF/PNG/SWF/DHTML
Mobile Banner 320×50 40k 30 seconds JPG/GIF/PNG
Mobile Banner 300×50 40k 30 seconds JPG/GIF/PNG
Over the Page 640×480 60k 20 seconds JPG/GIF/PNG
Video Intersitial 800×500 15 Seconds Provide 3rd Party VAST 2.0 Tag
Video PreRoll – 30sec VAST 30 seconds Provide 3rd Party VAST 2.0 Tag
Video PreRoll – 15sec VAST 15 seconds Provide 3rd Party VAST 2.0 Tag
Background Skin See Below 100k Not Allowed Provide Layered PSD – See Below
Facebook 99×72 Not Allowed JPG/GIF

Title Text – 25 Characters

Body Text – 90 Characters

Critical Points to Ensure 

  • We require Ad Creative at least 48 hours prior to the Campaign Start Date
  • Click-through URL must open in a New Window
  • Expanding Banners are accepted but only for 300×600, 300×250, 728×90 and 160×600
  • Audio must be user-initiated ( No Auto Start )
  • Ad Creative must be Brand Specific and link to the Brand Specific URL
  • Brand must be visible in the Creative
  • Ad Creative with Multiple / Rotating Brands are not accepted
  • Static Backup Ads are Highly Encouraged to ensure maximum reach
  • Max Flash Frame Rate: 25 fps (Recommended 18 fps)

Expandable Creative

Name Ad Size Expandable Dimensions Expandable Direction User Action
Billboard 970×250 up to 970×415 Downwards Click to Expand

Roll Over to Expand

Pushdown 970×90 up to 970×415 Downwards
Half Page 300×600 600×600 Left
Medium Rectangle 300×250 500×300 Down and Left
Leaderboard 728×90 728×300 Down
Skyscaper 160×600 320×600 Left


Third Party Approved Ad Severs

Gourmet Ads only accepts Third Party Ad Tags from the following Ad Servers ;

  • AdTech
  • AppNexus
  • Atlas
  • Cox Digital Solutions
  • Doubleclick
  • Eyeblaster
  • Eyewonder
  • Facilitate Digital
  • Flashtalking
  • Media Mind
  • OpenX
  • PointRoll
  • Pointroll
  • Spongecell
  • Unicast

For Ad Servers not in the above list, could take up to 5 days to be approved.

Ad Creative Auditing

All Campaign Creatives are audited by our team to ensure compliance with Advertising Specifications.

Auditing generally takes 24-48 hours to be audited.

Flash Requirements

If providing SWF assets the click tag action script should be as follows:

on (release) {
getURL(clickTAG, “_blank”);

Background Skin Advertising Specifications

We traffic Background Skins as a Single Image Static Background which is hosted by Gourmet Ads.

Please provide a high resolution, layered PSD File (Photoshop) using one of the templates below.
If you’d like to track the impressions from your ad server (Recommended) please also provide a 1×1 tracking pixel.

File Dimensions can be up to 2560px wide, however design area should be bounded by 1600 x 1200 px.
This is illustrated in our Background Skin Templates which are available for download;

Download RecipeBridge Background Skin Template
RecipeBridge design consideration – please use a design or background colour under the 728×90 at the top of the page.

Download Tastydays Background Skin Template (and other sites)