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With an offering of thousands of food and cooking sites, the ability to target users specifically on tablets will be instrumental for brands looking to reach shoppers as they cook, plan and shop for meals via their tablet device.

A recent Accenture Report called “Digital Video and the Connected Consumer” found that 87% of viewers used a second screen while watching TV, which provides a unique opportunity for advertisers to reach consumers via a layered approach.

For additional granularity, we offer the option to target users only on tablet devices, or all mobile devices (tablet and mobile phone). You can take advantage of this powerful targeting option for your upcoming campaign via Deals in Appnexus.

Why Should Your Brand Use Tablet Targeting?

According to, there are 166 million tablet users in the US alone, that number expected to rise to nearly 200 million by 2019. Frankly, your brand can’t afford to miss the opportunity to reach that many people; but by implementing Gourmet Ad’s tablet targeting into your marketing mix, you’re guaranteed not to miss them.

Since people use tablets virtually everywhere: before bed, in waiting rooms, on the subway, and specifically in the kitchen, they’re more likely to browse, explore, and shop online.

Having access to consumers on-the-go is a huge benefit to retailers that compete with brick-and-mortar stores. Even more than laptops, consumers use their tablet to research purchases and comparison-shop; and catching consumers while they’re already out shopping makes it much easier to close the deal.


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