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Alcohol Category Open on RTB

Alcohol Category Open on RTB

Gourmet Ads now allows Alcohol Brands to Bid On Inventory in Real Time

Many publishers and exchanges right around the world pro actively block advertisers classified in the Alcohol Category (understandably content frequented by minors). However being a food and wine based ad network we very much take opposite approach. As such last week our Ad Exchange team removed all blocking of Alcohol across the board in both Appnexus Exchange and Casale Exchange.

We simply took the view that our RTB / Exchange business should mimic that of our premium offering to both advertising agencies and companies directly. Gourmet Ads is actively in market seeking advertising partnerships with beer, spirits or wine companies all year round, so blocking the alcohol category just made no sense at all. Given that our audience of grocery buyers make beer, wine and spirits decisions, this provides a great opportunity for buyers to reach the target market essay writing order. Add to this, across the Gourmet Ads network, we’ve plenty of curated content like recipes featuring wine or beer as well as dedicated pages of cocktail recipes.

With the alcohol category now open, this allows partnerships with advertisers using Deal ID or Private Exchange arrangements. For more information or if you would like to begin running a RTB campaign in the Alcohol Category please contact us by;

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