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Engage with our Unique Audience with your Alcohol Advertising Campaign

Companies that sell alcohol are always searching for new ways to bring their products to customers. While advertising in clubs and liquor stores is always a good idea, Gourmet Ads can help you reach the customers you may be missing. People who love to cook and entertain are the ideal customers for alcohol retailers, and we reach these customers though our network of food related sites. If you are in the business of selling wine, beer, spirits, or liqueurs, there are many ways our team can help you catch the eye of shoppers who visit our sites.

Pairing wine with food is so natural that many restaurants have employees dedicated to helping diners find the perfect wine. And cooking with wine is just as important- there are many dishes that require the perfect red or white wine. Alcohol Advertising on Gourmet Ads can reach wine consumers who are looking for an exciting new winery to purchase from as well as those searching for ideas on how to include their old favorites in recipes, see Wine Advertising.

Beer is another area of alcohol advertising where Gourmet Ads can help you reach customers. Whether you want your customers to enjoy a cold Corona with their next Mexican meal or hope that they pop the top on Budweiser or Miller at their Super Bowl party this year, getting your name in front of our customers can help them decide to purchase your brand. The popularity of microbrews and smaller beer producers makes internet advertising a natural choice, as marketing using traditional methods can be expensive and impractical. Recipes that include beer are also popular among our viewers, and you can use everything from simple ads to full video and branded recipes to remind customers why they should choose you.

Spirits such as whiskey, gin, and tequila are also part of Gourmet Ads alcohol advertising expertise. Our customers are on the lookout for new cocktail ideas that they can use, and they are frequent purchasers of products such as Makers Mark and Jack Daniels whiskey, top shelf vodkas such as Grey Goose and Absolut, and tequilas such as Patron and Don Julio. Many of these spirits are also perfect for cooking, and customers love recipes that include their favorite spirits.

Liqueurs are the fastest growing segment of alcohol advertising. There are dozens of desert recipes that include some type of liqueur, and customers love popular brands like Bailey, Midori, Smirnoff, and others. Liqueurs are perfect for entertaining, making every home chef into a bartender, and customers are searching for cocktail ideas that will compliment their meals and parties.

Gourmet Ads allows Alcohol Advertising from wine, beer, spirits, or liqueurs brands

Reaching out to our unique audience with your alcohol advertising can be done in a number of ways. You can use our ad placement service to ensure that customers see your ad at the very moment they are considering which type of alcohol to buy. You can also reach out to new customers who may not have heard of your brand- an important part of building your brand identity if you are a small company hoping to expand. Like red wine and beef, alcohol advertising and food related sites are a perfect pairing.

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