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Gourmet Ads Audience

Snapshot of the Gourmet Ads Audience

Gourmet Ads reaches an audience of women who are family oriented, the primary grocery buyer and make household meal decisions. They enjoy creating new dishes and frequently search the internet for new recipe ideas.

Demographics of our Audience

  • Largely Female Audience (70/30)
  • Household Income $50k+
  • Majority aged between 25-54 years
  • 85% are Primary/Dual Primary Household Grocery Buyers
  • Spend between $200 to over $500 a month on Groceries
  • Family Oriented and Have 2+ Children in Household
  • Regularly Searches for Recipes Online
  • Over 50% say Cooking is their Favorite Leisure Activity
  • Purchase Quality Cookware and Kitchen Appliances
  • Prefer White Wine compared to Red Wine

Learn more about our Grocery Buying Audience and our male audience that we call Mr Grocery Buyer.

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